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Thread: Motorola droid 2 has become buggy after 2.2 froyo update

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    Motorola droid 2 has become buggy after 2.2 froyo update

    I would like to set up a small list of the times very annoying when Froyo, are opposite Eclair 2.1.

    • Keypad tones can be switched off any more
    • Display brightness is determined 30% lower than with Eclair 2.1
    • Despite disabled - key lock for SMS / Mail - pop, get out and display.
    • The worse phone reception
    • Voice quality is deteriorating (the other interlocutor understands me bad)

    The Series: According to -> Quiet -> Vibration -> Silent, not several. The last point is vibration, and if the are in the system settings, it vibrates and not the "sound" mode.Since everything has worked wonderfully. The same "bug's" are on my O2 device, which I can update last night, and the device from my friend - it has to get back Froyo of Dat-repair.

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    Re: Motorola droid 2 has become buggy after 2.2 froyo update

    I have the official version of Froyo it - I have received over the phone. We both use multi-keyboard strokes because the Swype is to operate strangely. There is one catch for sound when pressed and the system settings. Both are disabled - both phones rebooted several times. No change! The annoying key tones are still there. Gradually, this bugs me more and more mobile. Since we already felt waits 7000 weeks on a software update that is long outdated, and it does not get Motorola still baked to make everything right on their feet.

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    Re: Motorola droid 2 has become buggy after 2.2 froyo update

    I just installed the "official" Need to Defy my. If I start the original camera app, it is not possible to give me change the recording mode. Although the top left is an icon then I click on it seems but the "menu" to select and lightning effects and move to the camcorder to be able to, but I find no way to select the shooting modes. If I now the menu button and then select Settings app closes Tues. Reboot does not bring change.

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    Re: Motorola droid 2 has become buggy after 2.2 froyo update

    Well - risen as the update is pop last night, there was that all the settings etc. remain. That no data are lost and the cell phone after the completion of the installation can be used as usual. Of a wipe or similar watch was really no info. Also if Motorola software for all computer systems could, then could write a backup + wipe should be done. They cannot simply require yes to delete all data that are on the phone. That would be more than weak.

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    Re: Motorola droid 2 has become buggy after 2.2 froyo update

    So I count among the lucky, the O2 now to obtain the update on Froyo. Has down loaded directly and tried to install. When you restart the DEFY he first shows the installation progress until about 1 / 3 and then changes to ne "error", so Android males with exclamation points. After that is possible purely out except battery & nothing more. Did any of you also have this problem or has an idea for hints? I know there are already some threads about Froyo open, but the problem is here and I wanted to have another discussion of the great threads out there.

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    Re: Motorola droid 2 has become buggy after 2.2 froyo update

    I also have the impression that when turned on automatic brightness control of the display the results now will be lower than 2.1. New seems to be that the lighting of the soft keys is now activated only when one takes hold in the Defy and will be deactivated again when you lay the unit. Maybe that's me in 2.1 as well just never noticed. I think if you shut down before the update, the Defy and restarts, so that no unruly app across is, it usually comes away with it without wipe.

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    Re: Motorola droid 2 has become buggy after 2.2 froyo update

    I sometimes test photos made the old Nokia and the Motorola droid 2 both photographed against the sun. In general, dark areas on the images are too dark. The only reason why I'm waiting for the update, in the hope that the camera is controlled better. Other positive features, I am of course like to purchase. So things like the supposedly massively reduced screen brightness make me pensive again, in direct sunlight because it already has some problems. But well you will have to wait and I am certainly curious.

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