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Thread: Noisy pixels in Droid Pro

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    Noisy pixels in Droid Pro

    I am having the Motorola phone. It’s the Motorola Droid Pro. Yes it is the good phone and I have enjoyed it very much. I just love this phone and do not want to lose this phone at any cost. But recently I have encountered some problem and would like to solve it with the help of you all guys. I have recently seen the white spots appearing up on its screen. They appear randomly and I have to switch my display off and start it again to get it to the normal. So can anyone suggest what is the problem ?

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    Re: Noisy pixels in Droid Pro

    Yes I am having this kind problem also. I have just purchased the Droid Pro and am pacing this problem. So what shall I do now? It appears that white grains are just dropping onto my screen and to clear it off I also have to switch it off and give it a restart. So can any of you suggest us both what shall be done and what not to. I am going to visit the customer service soon for the same reason. But before going there just want to take you all people’s review.

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    Re: Noisy pixels in Droid Pro

    I think this is the software problem. According to me you have installed some of the un trusted providers application. So it has caused the problem to your phone. So remove the application you have installed recently. Because there are many application builders who just want to spoil the things around. So better be aware before downloading some content and do it from trusted source and not from other.

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    Re: Noisy pixels in Droid Pro

    I think you should go to the safe mode and see. If you have the internal problem then you will come to know in the safe mode and if it is the third party application problem then you would not come to know in the safe mode. If you do not get any problem in the safe mode then you can confirm that it is the third part software. So uninstall all the third part software and your problem will be solved.

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    Re: Noisy pixels in Droid Pro

    Yes you can go to the customer service for the problem because it is can be the software problem or the screen problem. Because you should not take any kind of risks regarding the same. But you can also try it out by doing the factory restore. Because factory restore is the process by which you can get the phone again refreshed and same as you have purchased the new peace. So best of luck and get it done soon.

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    Re: Noisy pixels in Droid Pro

    No I don’t think that it is the hardware problem. But I would say that you have really messed up with your software. And one thing no need to restart the phone because the pixels go away when you lock your screen once and again you unlock it. But it is the serious issue for all of you. Because the problem might increase as the days will pass. So better you go to customer service and get it solved for your self.

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