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Thread: Colored cover for Nintendo 3Ds

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    Colored cover for Nintendo 3Ds

    Hi guys, Sorry if my question is silly, just searching and after waiting for long time don’t able to get exact answer for this, so simply want to ask is there in market any colored covers are available now, if yes than in which color they have been launched as I don’t want to go for duplicated cover which are already there in market and for which if company announce that they produce such cover for Nintendo 3Ds, so I will get couples for me. Please feel free to share any information you have about this topic. Thanks.

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    Re: Colored cover for Nintendo 3Ds

    Just in past month Nintendo has declared that they are going to launch the Flare Red cover for Nintendo 3Ds and you can see how is that color is looking on your device by searching on Google and while in September it will launch in Canada and than most probably by October it will available over here, so I don’t this period gap is much long, so by that time you have to use your existing cover for your Nintendo 3Ds. But I am not sure about the point that whether the company has decided to launch this color worldwide as till no such claim has been made by company .

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    Re: Colored cover for Nintendo 3Ds

    As while I am nothing thinking for changing my cover of Nintendo 3Ds, as it look cool to me, but have heard that nearly by the end of October they are launching different colored cover, as the user have much more demand for it, as you if you want to change you cover now than I think you can change it with the protective cover, it doesn’t seem that cool but don’t look also, so if you had made up your mind already for changing your cover than you can try this and even the existing one also seem pretty fine to me.

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    Re: Colored cover for Nintendo 3Ds

    Chromatics cover for Nintendo 3DS has been out and I am using it on my device and believe me it not changing the looks of device but also it tougher cover than the original one, as because of it device is secure with Ultra Clear Film, and the color is metallic type, as you can say just like carbon fiber and also have the one of its kind 3D appearance. You can watch the design and color of the cover below :

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    Re: Colored cover for Nintendo 3Ds

    As I had got many cover for my Nintendo 3Ds and for getting that you just have to went into any technical special market and ask for the original cover for your device and have just the awesome graphic, which make your device noticeable, and seem cool than any other cover which you can get from the market, and the this cover sets the covers inside and outside of the Nintendo 3Ds and bring out highest effects. Just look to the below image and see whether you like this design or not.

    And price of it is around $13.99 – 14.99

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    Re: Colored cover for Nintendo 3Ds

    It depend that which color cover you have in your Nintendo 3Ds, you always have the option to go for either of the option between Red, blue and Black as in my case I have a blue Nintendo 3Ds cover and simply I opt for Red one as want to change it and you will always the option to change the color of Nintendo 3Dsif you don’t like existing color. And there also many Graphic color cover for Nintendo in the market but if you want keep your device looks decent than better choose from this color or you can go with the stylish one.

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