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Thread: Laptop required for recording music

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    Laptop required for recording music

    I am planning to buy a new laptop, so I require few tips for it. My mainly purpose is to record the music. So I require a good audio capability. I would like to buy a laptop that does not make much noise. Also if I get a bigger screen then it would be highly appreciated. I am not concerned with the graphics as I am not of much interested in playing games. It can be of any size or any weight. The laptop must look better for some musician type. So please suggest me a good laptop for recording the music’s.

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    Re: Laptop required for recording music

    If you really wish to get the best laptop that you want for recording music, then I would really suggest you to get the own custom build laptop. You can go on with the brand you want and then get the required inputs and outputs. Also check for the on board sound card. For my laptop I am using the Yamaha opl2 card. As I am musician I am very much concerned about the sound card that is available. I don’t matter if it is little bit costlier also.

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    Re: Laptop required for recording music

    I have heard from many of the people that Macbooks are really for the people who love music and are musicians. It is better that you get your laptop configured according to your requirements. But it seems that Macbooks are more costly than other normal systems and they will cost you up to $2500 for even the basic Macbook Pro. So if you can spend on some more money on it then go on with the Macbook, which I prefer is the best.

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    Re: Laptop required for recording music

    You can avoid the other higher things such as the CPU that are having AMD processor or any graphics card for the game like Nvidia video cards and so on. Instead you can invest that money to get the high quality sound card. You can get the simple graphics that are built in the motherboard, and you must have at least two RAM slots. You can also check for the soundcard that is compatible with your motherboard.

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    Re: Laptop required for recording music

    I am very happy with my Lenovo laptop. It is working fine for me and even the sound quality seems to be great. Only thing is that I need to upgrade my RAM to speed up my system. It has a great 1680x1050 screen. If you don’t go on with this, then the best laptop for recording music will be Macbook. I have my friend who is using Macbook Pro and I have heard the sound of it. It seems great. But the only issue is that it is costlier than other laptops.

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