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Thread: Computer accessing by Unknown IP addresses

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    Computer accessing by Unknown IP addresses

    I have dell laptop and windows7 is installed on it. For last six month everything was working nicely but suddenly I found that my files are mysteriously disappearing. I came to know this is called hacking. As I don’t know anything about hacking can anyone tell me what should I do.

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    Re: Computer accessing by Unknown IP addresses

    The same problem I also faced In last year and overcame it. Someone is pinging your ip address. Someone has got your ip address. IP address is what is used to access content on others computer. You must use best available antivirus such as kaspersky antivirus, Norton. Also do not download any files from sites that you do not trust. This will help you. Increase your browser security settings.

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    Re: Computer accessing by Unknown IP addresses

    Crackers try to crack your computer security system. The important weapon they use to crack your computer system is ip address. Keep updating antivirus regularly. Report this problem to your isp it will block that ip address. Also keep checking accuracy of personal details. Also not make available personal details on social website. Use extreme caution when agreeing to meet an online “friend” or acquaintance in person. Update your operating system regularly.

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    Re: Computer accessing by Unknown IP addresses

    First report this to your isp and cyber crime police about this problem about the problem. They will trace the culprit and will take necessary action them. Apart from this you can use two way firewall. Don’t open messages from unknown sender as it contains malicious viruses that send your ip address to cracker. Practice safe email protocol. Immediately delete messages you suspect to be spam.

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