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Thread: My Kingston 32 GB pen drive only shows 1GB space

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    My Kingston 32 GB pen drive only shows 1GB space

    I have Purchase 32 GB Kingston Pen drive But Storage was only 1GB Strength right now We can Store Data 32GB But one GB of data working properly ? Is it a virus problem? Can it be the problem of the files I have filled in the pen drive or is it my computer problem? Is it possible that pen drive can have viruses even when it is brand new? Kindly give me a suggestion I am really tensed with this stuff do not understand what to do? Please help me

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    Re: My Kingston 32 GB pen drive only shows 1GB space

    First I would like to know from where have you purchased this Pen drive, if it is been purchased from a local hawkers or so I would say you have wasted your money because they are just made to show 32Gb but they actually have only 1Gb memory and if you have purchased it from a genuine store you need to replace it. And keep in mind that these days there are lots of people who are jus roaming around with fake pen drives to fool around so I would ask you not to buy it from local people.

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    Re: My Kingston 32 GB pen drive only shows 1GB space

    Hey; Yesterday couple of guys came around our office and they were selling Kingston 32GB pen drives for Rs. 300/ (5/6 $). We have taken couple of pen drives from them and tested it on our laptops before paying any amount. On testing, it was showing capacity as 32 GB and allowed us to copy 4 GB data in it. However, when we tried to access the copied data it gave us junk data error. After it we searched on internet and found that this Kingston pen drive is fake. This shows it’s a fraud... and future what I want to say is let’s be careful from now and let’s not get fooled for such stuffs again.

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    Re: My Kingston 32 GB pen drive only shows 1GB space

    This is not only limited to Kingston it is with all the other brands to. Basically I will tell you today there is enough technology to show something else and behave something else so don’t trust such technologies until you don’t know about it as much and such techniques would not leave you anyways to let know is it real or no by looking at it you can’t predict its fake or not to know it you would need to do some logical techniques such as if you are willing to buy it after you check the visibility of 32GB and you are copying it to pen drive try to copy it again to the original document and when it is able to do both ways copying then buy it . I think you to have the fake pen drive I would tell you to go to a Kingston service center to check it out whether it exists or not. If yes try getting it done from there and if not sorry you have been fooled.

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    Re: My Kingston 32 GB pen drive only shows 1GB space

    These days this is a common problem all around in spite it is been warned on all genuine sites of pen drive brands people are still been fooled around it is been very easy to show something and provide something as people today are just looking out for vast benefits in cheaper rates . I would tell you always buy electronic stuffs or latest technologies from a genuine or original brand shops. But look on the logical side 4GB pen drive is costing about Rs.400 right?
    Now you have one of the pen drive know as a magical pen drive as 4GB pen drive which shows 32GB, and that is at Rs.300 how is that possible just think.

    Now a days It's very easy to allocate the 'reserved' sectors in the way to show a large number of free space. While you can visibly store that much data, flash storage generally has this habit of getting a few corrupted sectors every once in a while. In your case I would tell you to contact to the Kingston gallery and find out is you’re a legal one or a fake that’s it what you can do.

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