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Thread: Can a USB drive connect to cloud storage?

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    Can a USB drive connect to cloud storage?

    Hello friends. Greetings to all. I hope that you all have been doing well. Basically, I have heard that a Universal Serial Bus Drive can connect to a cloud storage. Is it true people? Really inquisitive about the software which I have heard named as urDrive from kingston, which can back up data to cloud storage space. How does it work? It will be really nice if someone replies and enlightens me on this. Thanks in advance for the help as I will be appreciating it on a very high note.Take Care.

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    Re: Can a USB drive connect to cloud storage?

    Hello, after looking at your question, I saw a video on the youtube related to it. Hence, firstly, I will imply you to have a look at that video. It appears that it creates a backup for you online on a website. On a personal front, I owe a kingston stick, According to me, there is no need to get that stuff which comes on it. I immediately removed the whole thing. There’s similar to a 100mega byte of secreted files also. Windows explorer works nicely for thumb drives.

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    Re: Can a USB drive connect to cloud storage?

    Hello. I would like to tell you that It is a pre-load software known as "urDrive" in Kingston's pendrive. Present are many purposes such as document management, mp3 player, app store, some type of free of charge software for the purpose of download in addition to on-line storage backup. The on-line storage backup is approximating the perception of cloud operation.I hope my knowledge helps you in enlightening the things for you.

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    Re: Can a USB drive connect to cloud storage?

    I would like to enlighten you by saying that the urDrive re-defines the function of Universal Serial Bus drive. Kingston commenced a pre-load software named as “urDrive" in DT101 G2 USB drive. It is able to assist user to effortlessly browse the images or customize the document inside the Universal Serial Bus drive. AppZone supplies some cool apps in addition to it can also back up information in order to cloud storage room. Following, Universal Serial Bus drive appears to do much extra compared to merely a data transporting device.

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    Re: Can a USB drive connect to cloud storage?

    Hello. I really like the above reply and would like to continue it by saying that above and beyond the backup, I am fond of the Appzone, similar to app store purpose. There is some without charge software akin to antivirus, file compression otherwise password setting. It is moderately expedient in view of the fact that it is free of charge. It looks like I can store more data than the capacity that drive provides. Thank You.

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