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Thread: Latest Android Market V2.2.11

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    Latest Android Market V2.2.11

    I was just handed with the brand spanking latest version of Android Market to my knowledge that is of now, only running on unreleased phones. This will bring your level up to version 2.2.11. The new Android Market version 2.2.11, which I’m assuming that it fixes a security issue that you might have known for a couple of weeks from now. Other than that, you probably won’t notice a difference. So if you are happy with your previous version of Android Market, then don’t upgrade.

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    Re: Latest Android Market V2.2.11

    I own an android phone since a couple of months. It’s feels great owning an Android phone. I am happy with it and like the old Android Market. I don't think about that I like this new market place. Then I got problem with my navigation which was not working and also there was a forced closing of my search every time. As, I took backup before the upgrade (always get a backup). So, I Restored my back up and I reverted back to my previous version of Android Market 2.2.7 and everything worked fine for me.

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    Re: Latest Android Market V2.2.11

    I don’t think that the new version of Android Market has problems. It is great. Just loaded it on my new vegan beta 5.1. Seems to work for me just fine. I don’t know if I see any more stuff, but never really had a problem finding things with the other ones. The appearance of the new Android Market looked very crisp and neat. You should notice that the appearance seems crisper. To me it’s like that maybe they are using a higher quality. Or, maybe not.

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    Re: Latest Android Market V2.2.11

    Just for fun I went ahead and did the market fix again. Didn't need to but I saw the earlier post and was curious. I never could get it to open after the first reboot. Had to reboot again, then once it started working I have noticed more of the "android.process.acore" errors, and server errors then with the older one. I will be rolling back to a previous version myself since this doesn't seem to really make anything better.

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    Re: Latest Android Market V2.2.11

    Let me know what you think about the Latest Android Market, I've had problems with it when I upgraded it, so I recommend you to use the Android Market at your own risk But, if you still want to upgrade then, I suggest you get a backup so that it something went wrong you can revert using your backup. I have been having Wi-Fi issues since this update. When it comes out of sleep the Wi-Fi won’t connect automatically. I suggest that don’t upgrade until your earlier version works fine.

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