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Thread: How to connect xperia play to psn

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    How to connect xperia play to psn

    How to connect Xperia Play to a PS3. I had seen this in a video but I am not aware about the process of doing that. I had tried to find settings for it but it looks a bit complicated. Does there is any third party device which can do this. If yes then what is the cost of the same. And what things I can do after connecting the device to console. Can I play games in it directly.

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    You can only use it like a controller. You cannot play games in that. Second thing you can use the device a media server. That means playing your files on the console. That's it. There are basic things. You have to download media server app for the same. Just get that app and scan for servers. You will be able to see the console. Tap on the same and done. You will be able to access the files. That's it. I was also thinking about controlling stuff. But it is not possible.

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    This is called as remote play. Where you can access multimedia files. There is nothing you can do in the games. In your console you have to registry a phone first. Go in Settings > Remote Play Settings > Register Device > Mobil Phone.I Then go in the phone and tap on Menu > Entertainment > Remote Play > Start. You have to add a 8 digit code here to registry the device. Once done the device is paired with console. Once done just go in Remote Play Settings in the console and turn on Remote Start.

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