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Thread: Compaq 2000 laptop fails to boot

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    Compaq 2000 laptop fails to boot

    I am having Compaq v2565 (2000 v) laptop. I am having so much of data on it as my boss has given me that for company use. It has good performance. But has some problem with it. I don’t have any technical knowledge beyond using that laptop. I just know how to create and to store the data. That’s it. The problem is after buying that laptop on the first charging time the charger was fallen on ground. After trying to charge the system it was getting charged. The system was coming til the Compaq’s startup screen. It also comes to the screen where it is prompted to press F1 to continue. But after that system gives 2 beeps and blank screen continues. I have changed the RAMS for many times, also have checked up HDD, by making HDD tests. Kindly tell me what can be the problem?

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    Re: Compaq 2000 laptop fails to boot

    Madam I will suggest you that always take care of your laptop chargers. Don’t make rough use of it. It is very much sensitive device related with laptop. And the company also charges higher to repair these chargers. Now about your solution is that just start the system and quickly press F10 button and go in the setup, i.e. bios for making some changes. Then you have to select the restore factory changes. I .e. restore defaults. This option will remove all changes and will set all the settings to default.

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    Re: Compaq 2000 laptop fails to boot

    Ooops, this problem is related either with the charger or the change in the settings of the laptop. You should try making default changes in the system. There is also another option but firstly the system must go till the stage of choice of startups. So basically first put the OS cd in the cd-rom and then boot up with the OS CD itself. Once it boots you can repair the OS. Or you may reinstall the whole OS again. If it is windows XP then it may be a miss out of system file such as NTLDR, any file with .sys file extension. So check it whether it is missing the file or not.

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    Re: Compaq 2000 laptop fails to boot

    Hiii folk, this guy is running the system with some viral infections nothing else. I will suggest you to go in the choice of startup option by pressing F8 key for longer time once system gets start. Then when computer starts complete just do one thing, insert the Windows XP Operating system and install that OS with you. Though you are not having it. And if it is there on your system then reinstall the OS. Because most of the laptops nowadays come up with windows XP os in it already. And it is the best O/s. so you can use it. And work for longer time.

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    Re: Compaq 2000 laptop fails to boot

    Dude it seems like you are very much tensed by this problem. But I would like to tel you some solutions which will definitely give complete relief. Not to worry about this problem at all. 1st of all go in the bios and then change the setting by selecting restore to defaults. This will make your laptop with the initial settings which were done while it was newly purchased. So it may solve the problem. Otherwise boot up the system with using the OS system mostly it will be windows XP. If this does not work then you can reinstall the Operating system on the same drive and same folder. By choosing the formatting option. Of “NO CHANGES. “This will definitely solve your problem. Because it’s not related with hardware for much extent. Or else the most better solution is contact technical support centre.

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