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Thread: How to fix led notification of Sony xperia x2

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    How to fix led notification of Sony xperia x2

    Last month I had purchased a Sony xperia x2. It is really very awesome handset. It is support almost all application. I don’t have more idea. It’s configuration is really good. I like too much this phone. But I have some with this phone. It is automatically gives me lots of different notification. So it is very irritating. I don’t know about this. I want to know that how can I fix this problem? Will it be require any update? If yes tell me what’s requirement? Please tell as soon as possible.

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    Re: How to fix led notification of Sony xperia x2

    If you are the notification then you can solve it. It is very simple for fixing this problem. First you will go to the sound and notification setting. Then you will see there is a choice button to enable the LED illuminations notification which you have done then you will have to set it “no limit”. Therefore it would flash evermore until the message is selected as was the case with the Sony xperia x2. Whenever xperia x2 gets an SMS text message then you will find only the sound but you will not get the illumination. Only that time the illumination will give the notification when you are using the phone a message gets in your phone. And if youer phone in standby then no led’s notification.

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    Re: How to fix led notification of Sony xperia x2

    I am telling you some steps for setting. You can change the color which is default in your phone. Just you will default under the messaging. Then you will go the settings and then after you will go the notification. After this procedure you would test it then you would send a text message yourself. And then press the power button for putting the phone to sleep. By which notification LED doesn’t flicker. When your phone is on state. I think this is a small problem xperia x2. And it on not big problem because you can see notification in your phone status menu. Whenever your phone will on state.

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    Re: How to fix led notification of Sony xperia x2

    I have purchased the Sony Ericson x10. Only just to be frustrated. I had been very disappointed with Sony xperia x2. In Sony xperia x2. I updated the phone twice. But I didn’t get right solution. After my changing the phone. Then I got right solution. Only going into the settings then you will do some changes into the setting. You can get the more write solution on the Google. Where you will write the “step by step setting for notification in sony xperia x2” you can get the solution of your proble.

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    Re: How to fix led notification of Sony xperia x2

    I am not much more familiar with sony xperia x2. I use to HTC HD 2. I am telling you about this may be you could some help with it. I'm not positive that, like the HTC HD2 has an LED can be illuminated at all times when the phone is in standby and on, and I have completed historically with the Xperia X1, not so positive why they have been unable to fix the bug in X2. I have used ales time sony xperia x1. That’s why I know about it a little bit of. But don’t worry. I think you should go service center if your phone in under warranty.

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