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Thread: What is the best HD camcorder for around $450-$500?

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    What is the best HD camcorder for around $450-$500?

    Hey guys ,I am planning to buy a Camcorder around $450-$500 so that I can gift it to my friend and really wanting to know about the company that develops the best camcorder. If any of you can let me know about the best brand in camcorder then do reply here. Waiting anxiously for the reply. Please reply soon as want to buy it soon as possible. Thanks in advance guys.

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    Re: What is the best HD camcorder for around $450-$500?

    According to me, you would have to pay some more money to get a HD camcorder which would be exact the same video Quality of a $300 MiniDV tape camcorder. As far as I know about it, HD camcorders have 3 problems. First of them is that they are lots of Blurry and as usual fuzzy and even out of focus as very much around people in videos. The next problem with HD camcorders is that At any movement, when you do try to wave or lift an arm, while standing in front of a recording consumer level HD camcorder, will result in artifacts being left on the video track, which does follow the movement. Third one is that Mandatory maximum record times is 1 hour, 30 minutes, 8 minutes, 3 minutes . Or else take multiple camcorders or pack up without getting the end of the event on video.

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    Re: What is the best HD camcorder for around $450-$500?

    According to me, with a MiniDV tape camcorder, you can record 60 or 90 minutes ( camcorder settings), 90 second or less to change a tape and record It again for 60 or 90 minutes more and then repeat till you run out of tapes. You can get a Canon ZR960 for approx $400. It is a MiniDV tape camcorder, has a Mic jack. You need a firewire (IEEE1394) card ($25 to 30) for the computer and a firewire cable (less than 10) to be able to transfer video to your computer.

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    Re: What is the best HD camcorder for around $450-$500?

    I would recommend you to buy Canon as it is ideal for world of high definition movies. It is light in weight, compact, highly intelligent and has internal memory of 8GB. From 31 shooting situations, the camera selects the most appropriate scene mode - to reach the optimum configuration. Smart Care should be taken into account by the technology of intelligent scene recognition, brightness, contrast, distance and overall hue. In the instant video mode, simply turn attractive shorts. Each time the Record button to create small video clips. You can choose between two, four and eight seconds long. After a film is completely no need for editing on the PC at any time: simply arrange the clips in a playlist in the memory card, select a great soundtrack and the finished film can be viewed on a TV.

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    Re: What is the best HD camcorder for around $450-$500?

    I have just bought a Sony HDR-CX130, its a cool an awesome camcorder. i just bought one RICH HD-A80 5.0MP CMOS 12.0MP better Digital Camcorder. I have used it for a month and have not found any problems till now. it cost me less than $300. i am totally satisfied with it. Frankly speaking, i want to have a Sony camcorder with the price that my budget provides. Its upon you that with which you compare and choose the one you like. Hope I have helped you with the necessary information that you wanted.

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