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Thread: “CONNECTION NEEDED” disturbance error in Nokia C6

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    “CONNECTION NEEDED” disturbance error in Nokia C6

    Nokia C6 a symbian smart phone was purchased by me last month. It supports excellent features and functions satisfactorily. After few days of usage I noticed that there is some error in Nokia C6. The error is that when I switch off my cell phone and again switch it on it asks ”CONNECTION NEEDED ” (either GPRS or WLAN)despite that I am not using any internet connection. When keep on pressing no it still asks “CONNECTION NEEDED” in regular intervals. Is this cell phone’s internal problem or any setting problem? please help me in solving this problem if you are aware about it. With the help of your solutions I would be able to come out of this problem.

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    Re: “CONNECTION NEEDED” disturbance error in Nokia C6

    I read your post and I am aware of the problem that you facing. This problem is not a major one. This problem can be due to phone settings not being properly configured. You can get rid of this problem by modifying your phone settings by performing the following steps: Menu -> settings ->Connectivity -> WLAN ->Settings->WLAN Detection Off. You also need to do the packet data setting by performing the following steps: Menu -> settings ->Connectivity -> Admin settings->Packet data connection->when needed. After performing these steps I think you won’t face this problem again.

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    Re: “CONNECTION NEEDED” disturbance error in Nokia C6

    I know that the problem you are facing is irritating; this problem usually occurs due to minors errors in the cell phone. To solve this problem you need to modify some start screen settings. To modify the settings you have to perform the following steps: on the start screen choose Options->Widgets to Offline. After you modify the settings the cell phone won’t ask for any connection required after you switch off and switch on the cell phone.

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    Re: “CONNECTION NEEDED” disturbance error in Nokia C6

    The problem of “CONNECTION NEEDED” occurs in very few cell phones. This normally occurs when you change some internal phone settings related to internet (GPRS or WLAN) which you are not aware of. This can also be due to any net connecting application running in the Home screen. To come out of this problem I suggest you to check whether any net connecting application is running in the Home screen. If yes, then close that application and even after closing the application the error exist visit the Nokia gallery and register your complain regarding “Connection Needed” error in your cell phone. The employee present over there will assess your phone and will do the necessary modification that is required to be done and the error of “Connection Required” will be solved and you can switch your phone on and off whenever needed.

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