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Thread: iPad 2 v/s Honeycomb Android Tablet

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    iPad 2 v/s Honeycomb Android Tablet

    Hello readers. With a great buzz around the corners regarding iPad and tablets, I am little bit confused regarding the buy. I want to know what could be right buy Apple iPad or Android Tablet. What are the distinguish characteristics between the two? Waiting for your reply. Thanks.

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    Re: iPad 2 v/s Honeycomb Android Tablet

    Comparing the two most used electronic gadgets becomes the tuff call. Both the Gadgets are technically familiar in the minds of users. We know that there has to be one winner in a race. So when the race has begun between iPad and Tablets there are certain aspects which we need to refer before declaring a winner. There are seven basic aspects mentioned below which can lead you to conclude the winner.
    1. Notification Bar: Newest notification bar introduced in Tablet is very helpful compared to one in iPad. Notification feature in iPad disturbs the user. It might sometime freeze or crash apps in use. While in Tablet notifications are kept out of our way and it just appears at the bottom and disappears.
    2. Multitasking: Both iOS and Android tablets can multitask. Motorola XOOM is easier to navigate.
    3. Camera: This utility is powerful in case of both the Gadget. Two cameras front and back are provided in iPad and tablets respectively.
    4. Flash: Apple iPad has deactivated Flash. With the absence of Flash support you can’t visit some interactive web sites. Android includes Flash.
    5. Home Screen: Home screen of the iPad has a lot of vacant space which can be used to hold many useful widgets. While tablet has 5 customizable home screens to pour up the applications and widgets.
    6. Speed: New coming tablets have dual-core processors, which has more memory compared to iPad.

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    Re: iPad 2 v/s Honeycomb Android Tablet

    Look my dear friends, it is universally accepted that every coin has two phases which are Head and Tails. In simpler terms I want to clarify that you should accept only one winner in battle. There are various technical aspects which are to be compared while comparing iPad and Tablets. The most vital thing in today’s era is the price. The price of iPad is cheaper than Tablet. While the display screen of iPad is of 9.7” and of Tablet is 10”. Front camera in Tablet is of 2MP while in iPad it’s a VGA camera. The most vital difference in these two gadgets is their respective operating system. Tablet uses Android and iPad uses iOS. You cannot find any extra ports in iPad while you can see there are some extra ports for HDMI and USB. The weight of iPad is 607 g while of Tablet is 730g. Tablet provides flash support, while there is an absence of flash support in tablet.

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    Re: iPad 2 v/s Honeycomb Android Tablet

    The main event is on in the technical market. The most awaited war has begun, ever since the concept of an Android Tablet has hit. Now we had got a Honeycomb tablet the next generation of apple’s main gun that is iPad. It is the tablet which has makes people go crazy. Starting with the Tablets, the Motorola XOOM is the one Google has worked on officially. It has Android 3.0 with 10.3”display screen. It has a resolution of 1280x800 pixels. Also the weight is around 703g. Inside there is Tegra 2 Dual Core processor. There are additional ports for HDMI and USB. There is a 2MP front webcam and 5MP webcam on back which snaps and records video. It also has dual Led Flash. Moving towards the iPad, the device runs with iOS 4.3 with a Dual CoreA5 Processor. Here too there are two cameras, Front one is VGA based and the back camera is capable of 720p HD. The screen comes up with backlit 9.7”LCD screen. The battery last for around 10 hours approximately. It weighs around 1.33 pounds. It has a resolution up to 1024x768.

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    Re: iPad 2 v/s Honeycomb Android Tablet

    For the first time on the forum I am such kind of post. Its feels glad to reply. The most ongoing debate in the market is what is better iPad or Tablet? Entering into the battle field I would like to bring out some comparisons between the two.

    The price of ipad is $729 while that of Tablet is $799. Ipad support Processor of 1GHzDual-CoreA5. While in Tablet is supports1GHzDual-Core Tegra 2. The Display screen of ipad is of 9.7” while tablet comes with 10”. The maximum resolution 1024x768 is supported in ipad. Resolution of 1280x800 is maximum in tablet. There is no RAM in ipad while tablet supports 1 GB of RAM.No expandable memory in ipad while maximum 32 gb of microSD in tablet. No rear camera in i-pad , rear camera of 5 mp is present in tablet. I-pad supports iOS 4.3 while Android is supported in tablet. I-pad only supports 3G network, while tablet supports 3G and 4G.
    This concludes that the right buy could be the Tablet as it offers you large number of choices.

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