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Thread: How to install Japanese Language input in Nokia N8

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    How to install Japanese Language input in Nokia N8

    I just newly get my Nokia N8 mobile and I just wish to add Japanese language in this. I try much to install this by reading lots of information from internet and even by asking the friends. But I can get success to install this. Even I show this to my nearest nokia showroom but that guy also doesn’t have any idea or I can say he is also fail to do this. Is there any problem in my mobile or the way I am installing it is wrong? Please if anyone here has any idea about this than please provide me.

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    Re: How to install Japanese Language input in Nokia N8

    Nokia does not give a method for the end user to put in languages to a phone. The phone comes with a bunch of languages applicable to your country or sales area. Sometimes it is probable to have a language pack add a point contact Nokia, but this depends largely on local regulations in the local operations of Nokia. Moreover, the language added by the service point may be lost if the phone must be hard reset or updated.

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    Re: How to install Japanese Language input in Nokia N8

    The world gets smaller; we all have friends and relatives who speak different languages. Having a wider range of languages should be the norm. We communicate with our friends and family members usually in English and Dutch. The N8 we buy here is abounding with German, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Not anymore. Nokia picture with keyboard key to a multi-language support wants appreciation in all languages used. This will be my previous Nokia if this does not change, which is incompatible with the peculiarities found N8, which only confirms the opinions read in reviews - Nokia is falling far behind in the features of your software.

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    Re: How to install Japanese Language input in Nokia N8

    Nokia has always been supportive of hacking your own phone. "It is not technology, is what you do with it." In addition to Nokia phones do not sell well at all in Japan, Japanese support is limited to a small number of phones by default, since it is not really a market for them. If the device lives in the area, you could simply flash the firmware files in that area in their personal phone and have established that the region of the languages and features. Lots of Android and IOS devices are popular in Japan, so it was necessary to include this language in particular in its firmware is for all Android devices and IOS obtain the similar set of languages to outfit the region, and other regions so they do not necessitate separately locating and selling the device.

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    Re: How to install Japanese Language input in Nokia N8

    If you want to be popular in a certain area, you must do things in this area is not expected to be popular first and only then to provide appropriate input methods. It makes no sense. Also, iPhone’s are sold around the world have essentially the same (i.e. all) input methods are now available pre-installed. Why not Nokia phones this? I've been a longtime fan of Nokia phones (there were 3660, N73, E71) and just recently switched to the iPhone. With Japanese, English, Korean, Arabic and local writing my own time is great. And I do not have to pay for various input methods. I've just been running and working flawlessly (for example, can make different scenarios in the same text file without any problem.)

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    Re: How to install Japanese Language input in Nokia N8

    Here I wish to add something in your case. I totally agree with above person. This will be my last phone from Nokia, if not repaired, since I am not capable to view pages in Japanese, or receive any study things on the languages in my phone. Its 2011, how tough can it be? World is in receipt of smaller and people really study Asian languages and make trade with companies in those countries.

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