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Thread: Not able to create own theme in Nokia E72.

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    Not able to create own theme in Nokia E72.

    I am using Nokia E72 from Since 5 Months but since from past 2 weeks I m facing one problem, I don’t like the most of the themes given but default in cell phone, so I usually download the theme from OVI store. I had downloaded one theme but when I apply that theme it only remains for that mode of profile only, and when I change the profile that theme goes on change and by defaults some other theme activates. So anyone is here who can solve my problem, and also I am not able to create my own theme, if anyone have any solution then please reply to my post.

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    Re: Not able to create own theme in Nokia E72.

    As I have read your older posts you might having problem in wallpaper setting between the work and personal modes. You might switch modes like using modes application vs. stand by screen switch mode, you must set the theme like modes application vs. theme application or you can apply separate theme. I am using other Nokia theme and I used the same method which I told you just now, in my cell it is working properly. What I suggest you is just set your theme like Black Business and Black Personal, I hope this will work for you..Try it once. Then too it doesn’t work for you then try to update your firmware.

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    Re: Not able to create own theme in Nokia E72.

    Thanks for your support; I would like to inform you that when I bought my cell phone at that time I was having the same wallpaper issue after facing such problem I updated my firmware. After updating firmware now I am facing this Theme issue, can you tell me is there any way to get old firmware back. I also not using any outside software for synchronization, I use OVI for the same. And for that theme issue you are telling me adjust theme, but I m not even able to change it. So please if you have any other ways then please tell me. Thanks for your reply..

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    Re: Not able to create own theme in Nokia E72.

    Well in that case now I have only one solution, you just try to download 2 new theme from OVI Stores or from anywhere you want to, set those theme for both different modes, I mean one to Business mode and other to Personal mode , and keep in mind that when you set theme before that you must rename the theme names. After that set the theme and check whether it is working or not…try to download from Nokia official website. I think this will work for you now…if it’s not working then I am sorry I don’t have much more ways. It’s working my cell so it will work for you also. All the best..

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