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Thread: Should I go for ASUS EeePC or HP Mini-Note 2133

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    Should I go for ASUS EeePC or HP Mini-Note 2133

    Guys I am looking to buy a mini notebook for my little brother who now has to carry out allot of school projects and for that I cannot give him a regular size costly laptop and so I decided to purchase a simple and cheap notebook, which I wanted to be very light in weight, durable and reliable. Since he is new in making use of a notebook, so there could be sureness that for some reason the notebook can get defected and so I would want to let the notebook to have good warranty, I have been thinking of either going for ASUS EeePC or HP Mini-Note 2133, so can someone help me to know that which one would be better.

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    Re: Should I go for ASUS EeePC or HP Mini-Note 2133

    I would recommended you to go with the HP Mini-Note 2133 since it is a magic recipe, small screen, keyboard, great performance and price, and blacked out, we have a computer attractive for students and a second team applies to those who want to take the computer all day and above UMPC and MID seem expensive. The union of the screen with the laptop is solid and the screen also very strong. Pity that so far have not dared the HP Tablet PC with a format, but with his extensive and successful experience, we dare to advance that will not be long until we see a TabletPC low-cost and ultraportable. So you should not hesitate to go with this HP notebook in any case.

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    Re: Should I go for ASUS EeePC or HP Mini-Note 2133

    I would suggest that you should go with ASUS EeePC 900 PC as it is the first generation of easy to learn, easy to play, easy to carry, based on the extension of the minimalist, very moving, very fun new element. n fact, these rather abstract concepts EeePC 900 that is some improvement in performance, such as 8.9-inch 1024x600 resolution screen , multi-touch technologies. Easy PC people concerned about these new features already crystal clear, since you needed for your brother who is in his learning days so what I would suggest that you should go with this one only.

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    Re: Should I go for ASUS EeePC or HP Mini-Note 2133

    The HP Mininote 2133 is a netbook that has the best build quality among those we tried. The keys are almost as large as a laptop keyboard "normal", although their spacing is tighter. The finish of the keyboard is exceptional - I wish they would make the desktop PC keyboards with the same "touch" and the same finish. The housing of the laptop is impeccable and so does the "1280 × 768 display, which shows sharp text on a glossy finish. The screen is small and its very high resolution (super a technical point of view) could be a problem after about an hour, even for users who have good eyesight. So it is nothing to loose if you go with this notebook.

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    Re: Should I go for ASUS EeePC or HP Mini-Note 2133

    What I think is that you should always look to go for the one which can be the future for generations to come and this ASUS Eee PC will prove great for all the people in the future. Easy PC's original intention is to ultra-low prices into the market, the positioning of three thousand, so that has been targeting high-end portable laptop computers have become everyone can afford the "grassroots" products. While its second-generation PC improved a lot in performance, generation of products, the most controversial of all the 3GB SSD hard drive and a 7-inch screens are all new look, easy to make the new PC utility greatly enhanced.

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