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Thread: Cheapest Laptop At The Rate Of Rs. 5000

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    Cheapest Laptop At The Rate Of Rs. 5000

    I have been planning to get a new laptop and also I wanted a laptop that is of a cheaper rate and I just wanted it with much of the cheapest rate as it can be. I have been waiting for this news so that I can get some of the good configuration and also it can be used by me for the purpose of the house hold works and just for the purpose of using the internet. I have heard that the cheapest of the laptop has been crated and it is available for the rate of Rs. 5000. Please give me the detailed information for this and also whether the news is true or not.

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    Re: Cheapest Laptop At The Rate Of Rs. 5000

    Hey whatever you have heard is true and two bright students have called by the name of Chandrasekhar Panda and Saswat Swain, have just now brought the idea of owning a laptop that can be made available to them and also for the other peoples at a cheaper cost. The laptop is said to be named as iWebleaf. And also the laptop has got some of the multiple features in it that can be used by you. The laptop is not having one of the best of the configuration but the main thing is that the laptop is having the configuration that can be used up by all the common peoples and also it can be used by everyone.

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    Re: Cheapest Laptop At The Rate Of Rs. 5000

    The main features of the laptop is that which is being given below:
    • The hard disk space which is present in the laptop is said to be of 320GB and the working is also said to be the best.
    • The laptop is having the RAM that is of 1GB and also has got some of the ample of the speed that makes it working in much a better condition.
    • The screen of the laptop is small but it is not an issue as the laptop has got almost all the functions in it and the screen is of 10.2 which have got the in-built web camera in it.
    • And also it has got the facility of the speaker in it also.
    • And also you can just check out the various LAN ports that is present in it.

    And the main thing is that you are getting all this things just for the cost of mere 5,000.

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    Re: Cheapest Laptop At The Rate Of Rs. 5000

    According to a report from a site called Orissadiary , who had a spoke with the innovators, together with the processors used in laptop (DXA 16), which is the size of an Intel Atom N450, are made by them in his laboratory college. All this in an attempt to control the price range of the laptop. This movement, however, has faced opposition from the Ministry of Human Resource Development. The ministry is in process of launching their own company, along with the peoples who have made the laptop which will promise a laptop, as the iPad for $ 35.

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    Re: Cheapest Laptop At The Rate Of Rs. 5000

    Hey thank you for the information that you have just given to me now it is that I can just buy a reasonable rate laptop that will be working out well along with the work that is being performed by me in the house. I just want to know that when this laptop will be out and what is the main specification of the laptop and the whole details. But the main thing is that I just want to the details of the operating system that will be working out in it. Please give me the total information regarding this and also the list of all the details in it.

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