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Thread: How to mute Nokia x6 Camera click sound

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    How to mute Nokia x6 Camera click sound

    Hi all, I have Nokia x6 phone. The best part I like about this phone is the camera. It is giving a very good resolution. But I do not like the sound which it made while taking pictures. So over her I want to know that how can I disable it. The problem is, I am not able to understand how to do this. I searched the same configuration, but cannot find anything that can make clear solution for me. Can you tell me any way through which I can disable it? I'm sure there must be some configuration for this and am not able to recognize it. I will appreciate every answer in this regard. Thanks.

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    Re: How to mute Nokia x6 Camera click sound

    I think you are talking about the shutter sound then regarding this I want to tell you that in some countries which are required by law and you cannot turn off the sound. So you are making use of phone like in that country then you cannot turn off the sound. I have seen many of the users of the same question, but they can not do that. Apart from this if you want to confirm that, then you can also contact Nokia and ask them about the same and I'm sure you'll get the answer for this. Hope this helps.

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    Re: How to mute Nokia x6 Camera click sound

    I really do not know how you get courage to deactivate the camera. I have not gone through all the options in this regard. So you should check the settings again and see if something like the tone of capture. If you find that then open and you'll get the various applications of sound in the camera. The last option on and off. Select this option and save the changes. Now try to take the pictures and see if that makes the sound again. If you're not getting that then the best way to get the configuration through your manual which you get.

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    Re: How to mute Nokia x6 Camera click sound

    So in this issue you first try to put your cell phone in silent mode and then try to take the picture I am sure that it will help you. But after reading the replies which are given above I agree that this law is legal in some countries. And you cannot capture images along with the phone in this sound is disabled. And this is to prevent people taking pictures of others without their permission. The sound of the camera is like a warning to the people around you who are taking the picture and if you want, then you can tell immediately remove the picture. So you can go for the solution.

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    Re: How to mute Nokia x6 Camera click sound

    The best way for you is to contact the Nokia care for this problem and ask them how you are able to fix this matter. They know all the features of the phone; absolutely tell you accurately how to do it. Reading manual is also a good option, but many times I cannot understand it and talk to the Nokia care people will surely help. To me, this is the safest and best way to get the answer. I would like you to get the solution soon.

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