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Thread: Audio cuts while playing an audio file in ipad

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    Audio cuts while playing an audio file in ipad

    Hello, I am having a problem with Airplay I can't seem to resolve . When I play whatever thing via airplay with my Ipad, Ipod touch, or Iphone, it will play satisfactory for a minute or two but then after that it occasionally cuts out for 5-10 seconds. The audio returns back, but then it will cut out once again repeatedly every few minutes. I am playing via my Airport express. There are two airport express units, and they both contain the similar problem no matter the source (Ipad, Ipod, or Iphone). I'm also making use of an Airport Extreme as my router. as it's all Apple hardware you'd ponder it would just "work", but not in this case in fact.

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    Re: Audio cuts while playing an audio file in ipad

    I've searched for answers, there are a few ways , it is possible that it may help in you case here's what I have attempted so far
    • I had Disabled bluetooth that was there on the source devices
    • I had also Updated the firmware on every devices
    • I've restarted/rebooted all devices several times
    • It's not a range problem, because I've put the Ipod touch inside inches of the Airport express.

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    Re: Audio cuts while playing an audio file in ipad

    Here are some effective steps mentioned above , but I cannot give you the assurance that it will help you completely. I in fact am finding that airplay cuts out time after time after about 5 minutes or so. The airplay icon even disappears, so I not able to re-connect until I restart my system my iPad or iPhone. by means of Airport Extreme with a d-link extender plugged through I have come to the result that it should be an embedded setting or somewhat that would cause it to discontinue sending audio because the app just controls the system and then it streams it.

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    Re: Audio cuts while playing an audio file in ipad

    But you can by now do that without AirPlay. And I thought the suggestion of AirPlay is to allow you stream something from iphone or iPad, and not merely what is there in your iTune library. When you are listening to Pandora on your any device , and you would prefer to share it on your HT device, and that is when AirPlay can be helpful. In addition, you'd prefer to be able to do that when youa re actually away from your computer, say at your friend place.

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