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Thread: Sync an iPhone on iPad?

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    Sync an iPhone on iPad?

    My macbook just died and I think to buy a ipad but first I want to make sure I could sync my iPhone music, address book, etc. on the iPad? if I heard about a new IPAD soon, its price will definitely fall. Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to sync my iPhone with my iPad. Anyone knows what will be the procedure to achieve this synchronization.

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    Re: Sync an iPhone on iPad?

    How you want to sync? iPad possessing neither USB nor iTunes I think the task will be tough. no you can not because the iPad has itself need a Mac to synchronize So the best is to buy a Mac. If you can, if you have a MobileMe account, everything syncs push. But it is not practical without a computer iPad. Otherwise, yes, a second will come out. For prices, we do not know.

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    Re: Sync an iPhone on iPad?

    In any case it deserves to be highlighted. I saw lots of replies with contributors arguing that the iPad could well serve as a standalone machine only see in, for example seniors. Like you, it leaves me more skeptical than Otherwise, yes, Jailbreak, I had not thought of. You use (or heard of paler) How to transfer music directly to a device Jailbreack without iTunes? It could do me a favor, in some cases. Here I come across it and therefore it (but that does not solve the problem of direct tranfer iPad <-> iPhone).

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    Re: Sync an iPhone on iPad?

    Well, there's solutions, but are clearly from the hack. Before the 4.2.1 update via iFile and the USB connector of the iPad, you could connect an SD or USB, but they dropped food to 20W instead of 100W suddenly, there is more than a few USB drives that work abused. Later, still with iFile, there are ways to explore the tree and to cut and paste within the device (iPhone or iPad) So, paste the music into a folder iDisk, Dropbox, etc. So yes, it is possible, but it remains about the hack and not the permanent situation long term (at least without computer). Let's say it helps out.

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    Re: Sync an iPhone on iPad?

    iFile, is not a bad application , Indeed, although it had repaired to make a kind of manipulation to transfer a database from the iPhone to the iPad. So far what i have known is that the iPhone cannot be synced with the iPad and hence its better to search for an application which would allow us to achieve the same. After the application that are required it will definitely help you sync the device with the other.

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