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Thread: Which Printers are compatible With AirPrint

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    Which Printers are compatible With AirPrint

    Please tell me which are the printers that are compatible for printing directly from the iPad i have recently purchased a brand new Apple iPad and i am planning to buy a new printer so it would be better to purchase a printer which is compatible with the iPad directly hopefully the problem should be resolved by one of you.

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    Re: Which Printers are compatible With AirPrint

    AirPrint is the powerful new printing architecture that shares the simplicity of Apple's IOS needs no installation, configuration, printer drivers or software to download," said Philip Schiller, senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing Apple. "IPad users, iPhone and iPod touch have only to place the finger printing documents and pictures wirelessly to an HP ePrint or a shared printer with a Mac or PC.

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    Re: Which Printers are compatible With AirPrint

    So AirPrint currently only supports wireless printers, and a very select group of wireless printers. The list is only seven printers, all from HP. Here is the matching list of today's date (11/23/10):
    1. HP Envy eAll-in-One series (D410a)
    2. HP Photosmart AiO-Plus (B210a)
    3. HP Photosmart Premium e-AiO (C310a)
    4. HP Photosmart Premium Fax e-AiO (C410a)
    5. HP Photosmart and AiO-(D110)
    6. HP Photosmart AiO Wireless e-(B110)-Europe and Asia-Pacific
    7. HP Photosmart eStation (C510)

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    Re: Which Printers are compatible With AirPrint

    I use the long N Print Sharing, which does the same thing in the Air Print, but do not have that freshness of having to be HP printers. It prints to any printer that is networked. The best is that this app is read in several other applications, such as Good Reader, Dropbox, Mail, etc, and you can print a series of documents without any problem. To print documents from the web, it has a browser that facilitates the work itself.

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    Re: Which Printers are compatible With AirPrint

    To print, simply login to the application within iOS (Mail, Safari, Pages, etc.) And find the option to share (share). Among the options, see the option to print (PRINT). Select this and then find a printer that will lead the oppressed workers the option to select printer (PRINTER SELECT). AirPrint compatible printer automatically detects whether this is connected to the same network.

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    Re: Which Printers are compatible With AirPrint

    The new feature is the AirPrint IOS 4.2 for iPhone and iPad that allows printing to certain printers wirelessly right from your iDevice. As far as i know AirPrint also support printing to any printer shared on your local network, but this feature was removed shortly before the release of IOS 4.2. If your HP printer is not on this list of compatible models, still has two additional options for printing from IOS. You can use the HP Photo HP iPrint 3.0 , available on the AppStore which supports more printers. Using the new solution ePrint available on some models.

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