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Thread: Complete Test Drive fails on passport SE

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    Complete Test Drive fails on passport SE

    Well I have the Passport SE and using the same from last few days and the thing here is that I have also installed Smartware on the same. Now the thing here is that I am unable to do the complete test Drive on the drive and that is the reason it is very much frustrating to stay with this drive. I have tried several times but the thing is that the test is not exceeding from 20% I mean it is halting when it completes the 20 percent. No I really don’t know why this is happening and how I can solve the issue. So please help me in this one and let me know what I can do to solve this one

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    Re: Complete Test Drive fails on passport SE

    I have analyzed the problem which you were facing and it seems to me that the error tat you are causing is due to the system only because it is unable to conduct the test drive. Now what you have to do here is that jus t try and right click on the drive and then there will be properties so select it and after that you have to choose the tools option in that go to check drive. This will definitely help you to check the drive that you want to.

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    Re: Complete Test Drive fails on passport SE

    Well the problem here is nothing but the smart ware that you have installed in the drive and I guess it is the only one that is causing you the errors . now what you have to do here is that just try and update the same or uninstall it from the drive and then try whether it is possible to do the test drive. I hope that doing the same will definitely help you because I was really facing the same one and got it fixed by uninstalling the smart ware.

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    Re: Complete Test Drive fails on passport SE

    If you will ask me then the actual problem may be associated with the drive that you are trying to connect. I am sure that if you will try and connect the same drive to any alternate computer then it will surely not allow you to do the test drive. So what I want you to do here is that unplug the drive and then find an alternate system and then connect your hard drive over it and see how it goes I am sure it will help you to solve the issue or it will let you know where the exact problem lies and then you on your own can solve the same.

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