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Thread: Information on Space STG

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    Information on Space STG

    I am completely into games and love to play different video games games. I have a whole compilation of thrilling games, with ample of games for my play stations. It is an easy and effortless game with not a single complicated key combination. I even have games in which I am pleased and feel excited, while trying to juggle the enemies that try to harm you. Recently I have heard about the Space STG game and I would like to know more about this game.

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    Re: Information on Space STG

    Space STG is published by the HyperBees and is an Real-Time Strategy game which is set in space, in which you will require to conquer the territories in a given world map . Each territory has a situation in which you have to try capturing the planets of your enemies. In the beginning in each territory you will have to start with planets already in your control, where you will have dissimilar configurations and fleet sizes. Altogether you have to construct eight structures, you will have to launch 8 ships including nukes, you will even have to construct eight planetary defensive units, and you will have four levels for developing eight technologies.

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    Re: Information on Space STG

    Basically gamers hate when they are required to play for hours so as to use the features of the game, but in the case of Space STG it was just perfect. I did not feel that I was crippled in any of the occasion of the early on stages of this game. I was happy to see when Space STG had to offer almost everything unlocked and liked the game went on in the space. Galactic Wars or Space STG is real time game in space. In this game you are supposed to build your own buildings, make good economy, even build ships, have an effective defence along with the technology. You can even send fleets of ships to overcome your enemy’s planets. You can make use of probes, nuclear missiles, planetary defenses and many more things that you can do in this game.

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    Re: Information on Space STG

    The Space STG is available on the Android market, along with the new update of the game. Enhancements have been made regarding the audio, and if you desire you can even have a youtube tutorial. Version 1.4.2 is specially devoted for the demo users, which includes one or more missions of ship. There was a complaint as to the previous version was difficult, but now the new version has been made easy in which you may encounter impulsive opponents.

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    Re: Information on Space STG

    Space STG is a real time strategy game closely resembling to the sci fi features.
    You can indulge yourself in a deadly war of clans, where you can explore the solar systems, create a space fleet and manage cities. Here you are supposed to win the war or die. You can build six types of space ships, including eight technologies and eight buildings. You have to overcome fifteen solar systems and defeat the enemies that confront you.

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    Re: Information on Space STG

    Hi guys!
    I'm developer of Space STG. I'm really glad that game still gives satisfaction. On this weekend will be available second version of this game. I hope it will give more and more satisfaction for sci fans. I have a little reward for Odalis, Algonkin, Illinois, Fox28, $Shalik$. I will give You activation codes for Space STG II for FREE. All You can do is wait for weekend, download game from Android Market and sent to me id_device from game.

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