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Thread: Can a phone bought in China work in United Kingdom

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    Can a phone bought in China work in United Kingdom

    I am planning to go to China for my friend’s marriage anniversary, from there I have a flight for United Kingdom. I am thinking of carrying my normal phone to China or is it possible that a mobile phone bought in China will work in United Kingdom. I have never been to China before and am totally blank about this issue. Is there a problem if I buy a mobile phone in China and use it in United Kingdom. Just want to confirm before I spoil the soup.

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    Re: Can a phone bought in China work in United Kingdom

    while you are travelling abroad you have to keep in mind the risk of expenses that you will have on roaming and international charges. Travelling abroad with a standard device you’ll have to pay the charges for roaming on your ISP. You are supposed to pay the roaming charges irrespective of the phone usage. Expected charges can be high as $4 for a min. Or will be shocked on getting very high connection fees. If you desire to continue using your normal phone abroad you will end up paying a high amount of $ 250 per day. Your idea is going to land you in trouble as far as the expense is concerned.

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    Re: Can a phone bought in China work in United Kingdom

    I have a better alternative for you, I am in the corporate business and for meetings I often move from one place to another. What you can do is buy a local sim card from China. This is a better alternative in which you don’t have to think much. When you arrive at the Chinese airport you can try buying these local sim cards. Infact there are many mobile phone companies who even offer you phone free of cost and you can have the advantage of incoming calls with no charge. They do this because most of the travelers spend more on their international calls.

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    Re: Can a phone bought in China work in United Kingdom

    Don’t worry about your mobile phone what matters is your current service provider. Try buying a sim card of China you can to get the information about your current service provider, if they provide their services in China its good or you can even try searching for roaming plans of your service provider on the internet. Why I am saying this is because plans differ from carrier to carrier. Also make sure that your mobile phone has necessary roaming features. It would be better if they offer you a decent plan or else you will have to buy a sim card of China

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