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Thread: Confusion in Android phone

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    Confusion in Android phone

    I have just bought my Samsung Android that is Samsung Galaxy S from the store a few days back. Now the problem is that I have downloaded my favorite tracks from the internet and I as far as my knowledge is concerned they have been saved in my phone memory. I was trying to move the tracks from the phone memory to the memory card so that I can keep my phone memory idle. But the whole confusion lies here, I just cant move them I tried all the possible ways for instance I tried the settings menu but still unfortunate. I am new to Android phone so even a simple issue like this appears to be problem. Help!

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    Re: Confusion in Android phone

    Yes, initially even I had a problem figuring things out in my Android smartphone, but trust me it is not that difficult as you think. One of the best and the easiest way to do this is by transferring your favorite tracks from the phone memory into the memory card. First you will have to connect your mobile phone to your computer with the help of a data cable. As soon as you make a connection your mobile phone will prompt you to select the desired mode, remember to select mass storage mode over here. Now you can just browse to the phone memory, select all the tracks and drag and drop or cut and paste them into the memory card.

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    Re: Confusion in Android phone

    You have downloaded the tracks but you have no clue as to where the tracks have been saved, I don’t think this is a big issue. What you do is download Astro application from the internet, the purpose of this application is to search the files. If you manage to get a download and search for the tracks then its good. I cannot tell you exactly because I am hooked to my symbian for quite a long time.

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    Re: Confusion in Android phone

    Whenever you try saving or downloading something from any source it will first ask you where you desire to save it, you must have blindly hit the next option and the tracks must have moved to the phone memory. If the default settings are unaltered then by default it gets saved in the phone memory, and if there is no space in the phone memory then it prompts you a message as to there is not enough space in your phone memory would you like to save it in your memory card. Try reading the manual of your Android device and you will be able to solve the problem in no time.

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