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Thread: Nokia C3: getting Error "Service Temporarily Unavailable. Try again later"

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    Nokia C3: getting Error "Service Temporarily Unavailable. Try again later"

    I newly acquired Nokia C3, functioning excellent but for one problem. I have attempted setting up email for the previous 2 weeks. It continues giving the similar error "Service Temporarily Unavailable. Try again later." I don't have any problem attaching to the internet- both on Wi-Fi plus on my service supplier's edge network. I am unable to configure not any of the emails (Gmail, yahoo mail and so on). Does anybody know what the trouble is?

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    Re: Nokia C3: getting Error "Service Temporarily Unavailable. Try again later"

    There is no trouble with the mail clients- I have previously added 4 accounts on my mobile and it is functioning flawlessly. Yahoo, Gmail and OVI need just your mail and matching password, my fourth mail is my commerce e-mail that utilizes custom server settings and it as well efforts perfectly. Please twice check your passwords, as it occurred a lot of times that incorrect pass returned no service obtainable. If it does not effort with the pass, possibly your ISP on the wireless is overcrowding IMAP mail protocol, so you should attempt one more ISP or utilize the GPRS for an experiment if mail efforts.

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    Re: Nokia C3: getting Error "Service Temporarily Unavailable. Try again later"

    It is truly an outlandish problem. I have 4 mail accounts setup on the phone, all built-in on secondary screen as widgets. No troubles by any means. I have Gmail, yahoo, Ovi mail and my company e-mail that needs a safety certificate. The whole thing goes smooth. On the other hand, I obtain service not obtainable while annoying to sprint Top Applications. In the similar time I can utilize the Facebook or tweeter widget and browse the web. I have no thought why you acquire such errors.

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    Re: Nokia C3: getting Error "Service Temporarily Unavailable. Try again later"

    I have accurately the similar trouble. I as well called Nokia customer care and they are saying that they are conscious of this exacting trouble with C3 but do not know while this would be resolved. My knowledge with this phone has been terrible since acquire about a month back to place it mildly. At first the mail setup worked but the phone switched off on its own and lastly went dead wholly. Later than three service interferences and almost 30 days devoid of the phone I got a replacement approximately a week before and currently the mail is not functioning. I am persuaded that Nokia truly sucks in high end handsets. Unluckily I am wedged with the set at present. If anybody comes across any way out to the mail problem, do respond.

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    Re: Nokia C3: getting Error "Service Temporarily Unavailable. Try again later"

    An easy way out for your C3 trouble (a bit weird too)!
    1. On your C3, depart to Menu-Applications-Mail-NEW
    2. Select your favored email service
    3. Type your User-ID and Password
    4. After that, the amusing part- 'DECLINE' the conditions of Services
    5. Verify the decline.

    Your mailbox will currently effort like a magic, attempt it to believe it!

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