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Thread: Nokia C7: Text messages charge me 2 and 3 times

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    Nokia C7: Text messages charge me 2 and 3 times

    I have had my Nokia C7 since December and have unable to utilize it! While I send a text message below 160 characters I am charged between 2 and 3 times on my invoice. The text message is being sent one time and the receiver is getting the text one time. I have done the whole thing which I have been asked by my supplier from software upgrades to a novel SIM card to sending the mobile off to be fixed to having a replacement but not anything efforts. If I utilize my SIM card in my old Nokia N79 after that I don't have this trouble. I newly attempted a pay as you go SIM card in the Nokia C7 and the similar thing occurred. Any recommendations please?

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    Re: Nokia C7: Text messages charge me 2 and 3 times

    I am not certain that it work or not but you can attempt this just format your phone but make certain to backup all your data first. One more way is: A factory reset would be the one more choice. Enter in *#7780# security code is 12345. Concerning the characters these can differ are you utilizing smilies this puts additional characters. So just try this, which I suggest and after this just let me know that this information is useful for you or not.

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    Re: Nokia C7: Text messages charge me 2 and 3 times

    I also have the similar issue with my nokia C7 mobile. As you say, I have attempted factory reset but by utilizing the default settings on the cell phone. Is it dissimilar if you enter in that number you presented? If so will willingly provide it a go! A few of the text messages may have had built-in but at a standstill had abundance of characters left exhibiting as obtainable.

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    Re: Nokia C7: Text messages charge me 2 and 3 times

    I am with T Mobile. I have seemed lots of link but got to confess I am a bit puzzled with how it is worded but if I am reading properly speculate whether this does have a bit to perform with my trouble with being charged 4 times. Will attempt to explain what I mean. On bill the one text that I send will be billed as follows 15:00:23 15:00:25 15:00:27 15:00:29 to the similar number, obviously I can't send 4 text messages to the similar person within 2 seconds of every other! The technical person I spoke to at T-Mobile said that on his system illustrates as billed (for instance) 45 characters one more 88 characters one more 60 characters for every of these times. Which does not make sense as just one text is sent and below 160 characters.

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    Re: Nokia C7: Text messages charge me 2 and 3 times

    Just so exasperating as getting nowhere with T Mobile. The technical person persevered that I had sent 3 text messages in spite of the fact that 1 was sent all because that is what was illustrating on his system! I had to depart into the store with a duplicate of my usage and the mobile showing the text messages to establish just 1 text had been sent. They just don't appear to be able to determine the problem. I just don't know what else to perform. I have unable to utilize this novel phone since January.

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