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Thread: Blackberry 8703e: US Cellular Modem config settings

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    Blackberry 8703e: US Cellular Modem config settings

    I presently have a Blackberry 8703e and want to use it as modem on my laptop. I have US cellular as gsm service provider on my phone. Does anybody have any links on a how to get configuring settings for the US Cellular inside my Blackberry 8703e as a modem to connect my laptop to the internet? Also want to know how about using a Bluetooth connection from my mobile to my laptop for internet connection? So anybody have any idea then please reply me.

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    Re: Blackberry 8703e: US Cellular Modem config settings

    It is theoretically promising to use a US Cellular inside the Blackberry 8703e mobile as a modem:

    1. For this you will require for installing the most recent edition of Desktop Manager
    2. Then you will need to generate a fresh dialup account for the internet connection.
    3. Username: 1234567890@uscc (exercise your own number at this time)
    4. Password: 1234567890 (your mobile number)
    5. Number to dial: #777
    This will perform easily to get the access for the internet connection on your laptop via blackberry modem. However, this is not supported by US Cellular and they maintain it is a disobedience of the Terms of Service. I utilize this once and a while, but only when required. The browser on my 8703e works for the majority whole thing I require apart from for my online banking. I have not at all gotten a letter. If you were streaming music, downloading huge files, etc. then you'd most likely obtain the letter from them.

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    Re: Blackberry 8703e: US Cellular Modem config settings

    You can use your Smartphone (Blackberry 8703e) as a modem to make use of the Internet on your laptop. To take benefit of this tethering characteristic, you must have a permitted data plan related with your account by the service provider on your cell phone. Here are the particulars of the data plan you'll require when using your Smartphone as a modem:
    • Data Plus (5GB data utilization for each month)
    • Overage billed at $0.20/MB (capped at $150 maximum a month)
    • extra $25/month

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    Re: Blackberry 8703e: US Cellular Modem config settings

    Confirm that you have the Desktop Manager edition 4.3 or greater and the software package that came with the handheld installed on your laptop.

    Check that the modem, using the modems properties:

    1 Select the Start, Settings, and Control Panel.
    2 Double-click on Mobile and modem choice.
    3 Select on the Modems tab.
    4 Left-click on the modem installed above. (normal Modem or normal Modem over Bluetooth)
    5 Select the Properties option.
    6 then you will observe the Diagnostics tab and select it.
    7 Select the Query Modem.
    8 If dialog demonstrates in the unfilled box, the modem is responding, then carry on with the below steps. Otherwise select the contact WDS level.
    9 Select the Advanced option.
    10 verify the additional Initialization Command field and make sure it is correct.

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    Re: Blackberry 8703e: US Cellular Modem config settings

    Select the initialization command:
    adjoin just ONE of the next Extra initialization commands with the suitable carrier specific command:

    Blackberry USA

    Vinsely Users

    Us cellular Blue/AT&T

    Cingul Hutch

    US Vodafone

    Verizon - Keep blank
    Nex telecom/Telus iDEN (untested) - remain blank
    Blackberry/Bell Mobility CDMA (untested) - remain blank

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