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Thread: Is it safe to buy a china mobile

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    Is it safe to buy a china mobile

    My friend has purchased new china mobile yesterday. It was very stylish and portable with touch screen functionality. There are most of the features that we can see in some other multimedia phones. Along with this it has a dual sim capability. I was very impressed by this one. Now I am eager to buy this one for my personal use. My question is, is it safe to buy china mobile? Is there any cautions should I need to keep in mind while or before buying. If there is any wrong with buying this phone please let me know so that I can aware others from buying it. Will this phone works on all network operators?

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    Re: Is it safe to buy a china mobile

    I can’t say that it is safe and out of problem on buying this phone. There is no 100% guarantee about that. If you really want to buy this mobile you can contact your nearest mobile phone retailer or any third party. Most of the small retailer or a service center sells these phones. However if you want to buy this phone online then you will get it further cheep than the retailer one. You can search on the Google for china mobile market place. But still the best way to buy a phone is to walk into the shop and test the phone by yourself before purchasing.

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    Re: Is it safe to buy a china mobile

    There is no 100% guarantee about this China phones. You can get this phone with low cost. If the phone has been damaged or malfunctioned then you will not get the support and service very quickly. Only a few service center repairs the china phones around the city. Furthermore if any of the parts get failed then you won’t get the replacement very soon. The reason is the everyday the new model of china mobiles come to market and the company makes only limited number or parts for particular model. They don’t produce it further unless it is necessary. So you might need to wait long for replacement.

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    Re: Is it safe to buy a china mobile

    I heard that the china phones are banned in some of the countries. The reason behind this is some china mobile doesn’t have valid IMEI number. Due to this reason the phone was unable to track for any network provider or operator. Due to this security reason some government has banned china phones several years before. But still now some are working properly those have valid IMEI. So you need to check your phone’s IMEI before purchasing it. If you can’t find the valid one then you can buy it anyhow. If the china phones are completely ban in your area then I don’t think that it is a better idea to buy it.

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    Re: Is it safe to buy a china mobile

    If you are going to buy a china phones from online market then you need to be more careful. Because sometime they will send you a fake mobiles than you ordered one. You can check the phone detail in internet and their feature. If you trust that site and familiar with that feature then there will not be any problem with buying it. Some websites post the double amount for China phones and tricks the user to buy it. If you are trying to get the true value of the phone then you will notice much difference in actually value and sale value. So be aware about this.

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