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Thread: How to view Streaming videos for PS3 from MAC

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    How to view Streaming videos for PS3 from MAC

    MacRumors users have been able to successfully sync your Mac to a PS3? In a way I have to work, using an earlier version of EyeConnect (version 1.0), and I'm using 10.3.9. I had the opportunity to see a couple mpg movies and photos view from my mac, but I could not get music to appear, nor could it to sync with my iTunes library. I kept getting all kinds of error messages and the PS3 keeps disconnecting my PS3 network (is it necessary?).

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    Re: How to view Streaming videos for PS3 from MAC

    Apparently, the best experience you can have via Windows Media Player 11 in Windows. However, I have been lucky with my semi-EyeConnect Mac.I have the same problems you do, and have tried several routers and wired / wireless settings. I think we should wait until a free Mac developer Savy ConnectPS3 or something similar. Maybe this is something that will consider the development of Nullsoft. There are not many "good" DLNA / UPnP server in Mac. By the way, many have said that the AirPort routers are not compatible with UPnP. However, Apple has developed a proprietary alternative technology is compatible with UPnP, and is activated by default .Also, TwonkyVision has been updated to support the PS3. However, I have yet to find a way to configure the software. It is not as intuitive as EyeConnect.

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    Re: How to view Streaming videos for PS3 from MAC

    EyeConnect is much better than TwonkyMedia. I played around with Twonky yesterday and it was not working for me in the end, even with music. With EyeConnect, I have to see my iTunes music files on my PS3 and portraits, but as for movies, but no luck. What format will the PS3 game movies? Do you play (mp4) H.264 files? I had a couple of those in my Mac, that is, but it appears as unsupported format.

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    Re: How to view Streaming videos for PS3 from MAC

    I emailed Nullriver support about a possible 'connectPS3' and the answer is "looking into it" so they know what we want altleast. I tried using EyeConnect but keep getting disconnection / media access denied errors, I have got up to Elgato, but then I realized instant messaging with the new Airport Extreme which apparently doesn't support PnP so this perhaps is the problem ? I am dissappointed in due to the expansion PS1/PS2 give me a blank screen on my 1080p LCD TV so it looks like my TV might not be supported.

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