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Thread: Unable to send messages in Nokia C7

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    Unable to send messages in Nokia C7

    Its been two months since I have brought this phone. Recently I have noticed that there is always a message showing that the message sending has failed. Its been showing repeated number of times when I send the message. Now why is this happening? Earlier it never gave such problems. I also have checked the sim card and it is not showing me any problem. So where does my problem lie? Could you all suggest me some solutions or your views on this particular problem.

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    Re: Unable to send messages in Nokia C7

    Firstly I would advise you to check if your message memory is sufficient to send and receive the messages. There can be cases where the message memory is insufficient and it gives such problems. Also I need to know that have you checked your message center number. In case you have not checked then I would advise you to take a look at the message service center and see if there are any changes done. Having a talk with the service provider would be a better option here. Since in this case the service providers are to be blamed. So do have a talk with them and report the problem accordingly.

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    Re: Unable to send messages in Nokia C7

    Yes, I had a talk with the customer care people and also confirmed the message service center. They have said that there is no problem with it. So I don’t think the service providers have any role to play here. Since it used to work perfectly well before. This problem started recently. I think the problem must be of the phone. So do you have any ideas or methods by which I can treat my phone efficiently. Do let me know if you have any solutions.

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    Re: Unable to send messages in Nokia C7

    I don't understand how can there be a problem with the phone. Message sending is a process done by the service providers and not the cell phone. Cell phone does the work of storing of messages. I think your sim card must have got old and you might need a replacement of the sim card. So its better advisable to replace your old sim card and get a new one. One more solution that I would like to give you is try with the factory restore method. Mostly it must work for you. Do try it and let me know whether it gave you any desired solution or not.

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    Re: Unable to send messages in Nokia C7

    Hi I'm also facing the same problem like trying to send message and it will be in outbox (it will always update Resend time but never send the messge).. my sim card is working fine in other cell phone, i have tried with another sim card and got the same problem, 1 month back shown my mobile to nokia care then they formated it after that cell works fine... but now i'm facing this problem again...

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    Re: Unable to send messages in Nokia C7

    salam everyone.
    i had the same problem..... just do THISSSSS ::
    go to the main menu> go to applications > then go to office > then go to file manager > then go to backup settings > select contacts, settings and calender entries only > go back and select options for backup > select "back up now" > after the backup is complete , go to the dialler and type "*#7370#" > ur fone will restart...... u can confirm that ur problem is solved by sending a message to ur own numbr.
    HAPPY TEXTING !!!!!!!!
    God Bless.

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