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Thread: How to stream PC videos to Samsung Galaxy tablet

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    How to stream PC videos to Samsung Galaxy tablet

    All critics pointed out that Galaxy has some advantages over the iPad. Among others, the Galaxy has front and rear camera, displays Adobe Flash to view videos online and perform multiple tasks (multitasking functions IPAD will later this month with the IOS 4.2). But the problem for me, is that I am not having idea about streaming PC videos to Samsung Galaxy tablet. So thought to take some help from you members. Please tell me that how to stream PC videos to Samsung Galaxy tablet. Let me tell you that I am having Windows 7 and also I am trying to stream using home WIFI network. Any other information related to the same topic would be appreciable.

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    Re: How to stream PC videos to Samsung Galaxy tablet

    Have you tried to Set up DLNA on Windows 7. If not, then I would suggest you to try it first. There is a new “Stream” menu significantly displayed in the Window Media Player user interface that interprets simple scenario-based configuration options. These options allow you to:
    • Set up your home PC so you can contact your media libraries while away from home
    • Permit other Windows 7 PCs and devices to push media to your Player and control it
    • Rapidly approve all home PCs and devices to access your media collection

    HomeGroup initiates the perception of “shared libraries” for music, pictures, and video. You should know that these shared libraries are available from within the navigation pane of Windows Explorer and Windows Media Player, and from the “shared” view of each media category within Windows Media Center. Windows Explorer will involuntarily discover and offer access to shared media libraries on other HomeGroup PCs. In addition, Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center will involuntarily realize shared libraries from:
    • Windows Media Player 11 and 12
    • Windows Home Server
    • All DLNA compliant media servers (Samsung AllShare devices)

    A HomeGroup is a protected set of Windows 7 PCs that can view and consume each other’s media impeccably. Sharing is automatically set up among HomeGroup PCs and HomeGroup settings permit you to select what types of media you would like to allocate. In adding up to all HomeGroup PCs being able to access your media, it is simple to let devices to access shared media libraries on Windows 7 PCs. This can be done without problems from either HomeGroup settings or within Windows Media Player. After this you just require to ensure that the folder that has your videos in it shows up in Windows Media Player. This is a uncomplicated Drag and drop method. At this point you just go into your AllShare on your Captivate and you should be able to navigate through to your videos.

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    Re: How to stream PC videos to Samsung Galaxy tablet

    Even I have observed some issues with the video streaming. Samsung has few applications for tablet, the main, they are addressed to social networks, email, among others. Obviously the main attraction are the applications for Android, but in this aspect, the testers agreed that many of the applications are not compatible with the tablet, since it does not fit your size. Sometimes there are black borders around the edge of the screen. Despite some complaints, almost all the "judges" agreed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab was a good device and a viable alternative for the iPad. If possible try two tablets before you buy, as you will be the true judge.

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    Re: How to stream PC videos to Samsung Galaxy tablet

    I would like to suggest you to try the twonky manager. Installation process is very simple. You just have to start twonky manager on your system (PC), and then choose all the files (music and videos) that you want to manage. Then start the allshare which would be situated on the left side of your operating system (Windows 7). And on the other side, where you want to play or stream your video choose that tablet. I am sure that this will solve your problem.

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    Re: How to stream PC videos to Samsung Galaxy tablet

    There are lots of applications that can be useful for you to stream PC videos in your Samsung Galaxy tablet. The following are some list of it:
    • ORB (Orb live)
    • gmote
    • file expert
    • tonido
    • splashtop remote
    You should install one of the above application on your PC and tablet. After that you can end up controlling your PC and you can play all videos formats. Some of the application plays only mp4 and don’t take advantage of the screen. So you will have to decide which one to select according to your choice and format that you want to play.

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