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Thread: Macbook Air: Screen goes black after manufacturer logo appear

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    Macbook Air: Screen goes black after manufacturer logo appear

    I am having a Apple MAC book Air ultra portable laptop, where I installed windows vista OS. Though at the earliest it was running with MAC OSX. I apply windows platform, because I have no idea regarding any MAC OSX problem. But here a problem happened in my laptop after install windows vista. The machine goes completely on black after manufacturer logo is appear in my screen. Is the operating system is not specified with this machine, where as the machine is specified as Intel Core 2 Duo processor, AirPort Extreme WiFi wireless networking, along with this 3GB RAM, 456 GB hard drive and NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor with 256MB of DDR3 SD RAM shared . What should be the cause of the mentioned problem? Suggest me any trick to resolve this issue.

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    Re: Macbook Air: Screen goes black after manufacturer logo appear

    I think the problem should be for graphical interface that you are using, recommend you remove the graphic chip card and again replug it. May be the chic card that you are suing is not compatible with operating system version, for that go through user manual of your machine, where you will find about the compatibility of operating system with the graphic card. No I don’t think so that the hardware that you are using, are not compatible with the operating system which is installed in your machine. I suggest you to check for the graphical interface in your machine. There should be cause of your problem.

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    Re: Macbook Air: Screen goes black after manufacturer logo appear

    I had similar issue in my Compaq Presario laptop, which is running with windows vista OS. Though my machine was also turn off after manufacturer logo will appear in to the screen, and this starts happening after install a high definition game. After that I searched everywhere for the solution, there I found so many solution regarding various problems. I was just confused which one should I apply to recover from my problem. Then from a site I found that, this for the windows start up problem. And I follow the start up repair process; by this process the problem is solved. Now there is no problem with my machine windows start up. So I suggest you if there is any start up problem also in your laptop, then go for the start up repair process. Click on start menu, and enter start up repair into the search command panel. Start the process; I hope this will surely help you.

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    Re: Macbook Air: Screen goes black after manufacturer logo appear

    Similar issue in my windows 7 compatible dell laptop, the laptop is not able to start in windows vista environment. I recently upgrade my machine from windows vista to windows 7 OS. And after the installation the problem starts occurring. First of all it appears two operating systems during start up, when I select windows 7 as my operating system, a loading bar is appeared in screen, but after few minute it turns off automatically. I searched everywhere for the solution, applied few of them, but nothing works. What should I do now? Is there any suggestion for me to overcome from this problem? Any information will be appreciated greatly.

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    Re: Macbook Air: Screen goes black after manufacturer logo appear

    I think the problem is for the operating system, so first of all be sure that, this is compatible with your machine specifications. Along with this, also the software or the hardware driver applications those are installed are also support the operating system version. They might be cause of this problem. Ping to device manager, there checks all the driver application status is ok and working fine according to their task. If still you do not found any solution for this, then I recommend you to insert eth widows installation disk, it will allow you to run eth installation process, from eth installation window, select install now option, this will open a window, from there first of all select the drive, where you installed earlier version of operating system. Format the drive and reinstall the operating system. I hope this will definitely resolve the issue, and this is final solution. If you able to start your machine in safe mode, then do this process in that mode. Start the installation process by bootable option.

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