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Thread: Using N900 as wireless dongle to access WIFI

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    Using N900 as wireless dongle to access WIFI

    Hey friends I need your help regarding this issue. Actually I want to use my headset with my router to access internet on my laptop.
    Oh! I forgot to tell you. I have Nokia n900. Is there any possibility that I can then use it by USB supply or with anything To make a connection of with WIFI? Please i am waiting for your valuable reply. i need To solve this problem as early as possible.

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    Re: Using N900 as wireless dongle to access WIFI

    As far my knowledge regarding networking says. It is possible to connect WFI with your laptop using headset. But first of all I suggest you to check whether your Nokia N900 have that level of hardware configuration to support internet access. Last time when I tried to do same with Samsung mobile it was giving me error regarding hardware support. I am not Nokia n900 user that why I suggest you to check all his hardware details if they are matches with your network requirements than I am sure it is possible to connect it with your machine to get facility of internet surfing. I Heard from my friends that they are unable to do the same thing. finally they jump to another alternative.

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    Re: Using N900 as wireless dongle to access WIFI

    I thought I have a nice solution for this. Last month I am also tried to connect my headset to access wife. Actually my pc is running on Linux operating system if you are also the Linux user than there is solution for you just about two steps long:-


    • First of all Setup IP over USB between the N900 and your machine.
    • Now, turn your headsets Traffic route directed from your machine to access WIFI.

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    Re: Using N900 as wireless dongle to access WIFI

    I am just thinking that you need a Wireless Access repeater to achieve what you want. If you are not successful then I suggest you to follow simple procedure that I did using my land line phone. With the help of your laptops Synchronization option it is possible to connect with WIFI. When you use that option that time phones data connection is used to connect with wifi. That time phone is treated as Hotspot which you can then use on your machine. I don’t think so this solution works for you 100%. I suggest you to take any experienced person advice. if you are unable to do so. then i suggest you to visit to Nokia's service center and ask them is it really possible to use it as dongle to connect with WIFI or not.

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    Re: Using N900 as wireless dongle to access WIFI

    I thought that that could be probably using sim card that was in your headset. If you keen to use that data plan. Just one problem in this case is that after that there is possibility of malfunctioning of all the functions that your Nokia n900 has. For example the voice mail service. I think for using your phone as a wireless dongle there is a requirement of some scripting if your headset is not using available connections which are available on. If you want to know from me that is there another alternative available then I simply suggest don’t try too much experiment on your cell phone and by another wireless network adapter.

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