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Thread: Is it possible to run maemo from microsd (memory) card

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    Is it possible to run maemo from microsd (memory) card

    I have a Nokia N900 cell phone I just want to ask a quick question, do you believe it will be probable to run a secondary edition of maemo off the microsd or internal memory that i possibly will multiboot for the maemo. Because i m using my n900 as my primary phone apart from improvement. A secondary maemo would permit me carry on development on it furthermore still not worry about messing anything up. So anyone have any idea then reply me.

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    Re: Is it possible to run maemo from microsd (memory) card

    Whether or not you get it working, I suggest looking into my application which I m currently inside my cell phone, BackupMenu - It will permit you to get a duplicate file of your rootfs/optfs files, which you able to then copy over to your SD memory card insdie your Nokia N900 or this also can be done through the use computer. For this you just required to install the Nokia PC suite for the proper connection and system file transfer within the cell phone. Alternately, merely having an appropriate backup of these will permit you to restore in a couple of minutes if/when you mess things up.

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    Re: Is it possible to run maemo from microsd (memory) card

    I memorize there was a topic was heard by me about moving maemo to partition on 32GB flash or any other external removable storage. So, it should be possible to shift it to external memory card. I also think that backing up of the whole data in different storage space through the computer as well as reflashing the cell phone is the most excellent way to go here, but you will yet have a go at shifting to the emmc as well as distinguish how that performs for me. So you will also need to check out appropriately so that you able to get around your things very easily.

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    Re: Is it possible to run maemo from microsd (memory) card

    I present to your attention the place of scripts which permit you run a total Maemo 5 PR1.2 with root file system on N900 as well as on the 32GB eMMC (big internal drive). Well, in fact - 2GB "/home" partition (/device/mmblk0p3) - and if you re-size it to superior segment of 32GB flash then you will have it all for root file system as well as able to store the data for the maemo and get it easily afterward and work it out from external card as well. I use it for kernel growth in N900 - it needs more than 1GB of flash. Unique system is leaved undamaged in addition to that the user files as well as MyDocs. Whichever N900 functions effort, together with phone, SMS, 3G etc. I am running it consistently around 1 week. a number of slowness does exist during boot other than in normal usage it is still faster in menus, I estimate it as approximately equal. Battery in fact gives approximately 20-30% more standby time since there is no hard density CPU work on UBIFS disk blocks.

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    Re: Is it possible to run maemo from microsd (memory) card organizes Maemo 5 on eMMC /residence partition from your root FS on UBIF files. It copies all files, fixes some problems to work with telephone as well as fixes some system boot scripts. It can be run at whichever time on a unique vanilla Maemo 5 in UBIF files. If preceding eMMC root file classification on /home exists it destroy it first maemo. arrange an original root FS on UBIFS for double boot - boot with open keyboard as well as N900 runs root from eMMC from the sd card. Closed keyboard yet boots a unique from UBIFS. It changes / and /sbin1/preinitiate on UBIFS root.

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