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Thread: How to install Netbeans 6 on N900

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    How to install Netbeans 6 on N900

    I have recently bought a new Nokia N900 mobile phone for on which I would like to install the Netbeans 6 but I don't know that proper procedure to install it. Can you guys give me the step by step procedure by which I can install it on my N900 mobile phone running Maemo. And what are the new features has been added to this version of Netbeans?

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    Re: How to install Netbeans 6 on N900

    Installing Netbeans 6 will require 337.9mb of space in /opt, and about 463kb in the rootfs. First, You have to download the deb package on your MyDocs folder of Nokia N900. Then, Start installing all the packages by using the following commands as root but be assured that your phone contains an Icedtea6 installed on it prior to start installation procedure. Even rootsh must be installed in order to gain root access.
    cd ~/MyDocs
    dpkg -i netbeans-6.0_6.0.1+dfsg-3_all.deb

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    Re: How to install Netbeans 6 on N900

    If you have used an earlier series of NetBeans, NetBeans 6.0 will automatically import the configuration. Subjectively, I start the new version will come faster, but too often do not use NetBeans, so I hope that the caring knowledgeable readers make their observations. Ruby support in NetBeans really good to me, as well as support for Ruby on Rails. As regards support JRuby is almost perfect. Specifically, it is possible to enjoy the support Rake system, support testing, debugging. For Rails you can count on, inter alia, with the support of migration. Intelligent code completion, syntax highlighting and refactoring of course.

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    Re: How to install Netbeans 6 on N900

    JavaScript support is now also looks nice, the main features missing probably no. The implementation is based on a new project Schliemann , which is designed for general extension that adds support for creating a new programming language. As PHP is concerned, it is clear that his support is in the intensive development, and so any (premature) Rating prefer not forgive, we will see later. The visual design of my site did not sit too personally, but it is purely a question of habituation. I think Sun really worked on it and it is a step in the right direction to increase productivity.

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    Re: How to install Netbeans 6 on N900

    On Linux, NetBeans act reasonably intelligently. Although the installer will have their own, on the other hand, there is no problem with NetBeans meet in the repositories of your favorite distribution, in which case the non-systemic solutions do not swear. With no problems I personally encountered, but unfortunately I did not test too much time on Linux, so I can not be excluded. But what certainly will be pleased to look more native in Gnome related to the sixth version of Java.

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    Re: How to install Netbeans 6 on N900

    I think that NetBeans 6.0 will be among the most successful versions of the IDE. But his mistakes are, first of all, it is not very succesfull support for Mac OS X. All this of course applies only to the current build of NetBeans 6.0. Once a stable version comes out, maybe they already fixed the error. I definitely would like to wish this useful OSS project every success in the future and whether the top six best.

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