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Thread: Nokia E72 - Change Input Language Shortcut

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    Nokia E72 - Change Input Language Shortcut

    I am working in one tours and travels company as a guide. When I am in journey it is difficult to send messages to clients in their known language every time I need to do manual settings to change the input language which is really painful for me. Can someone tell me is there any way or in simple language say is there any shortcut to change My Nokia E72’s input language through keypad instead of getting into the different menu levels?

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    Re: Nokia E72 - Change Input Language Shortcut

    I was searching for this option from last few months finally last week I got answer for it. I am also working in a tourist company. You can achieve what you want without travelling through menu levels. For which you just need to follow steps given below:-

    • On the lowest row of keys push the second one on the left (arrow upward). It
    is "Shift" if I am not mistaken.
    • Immediately after press nearest key to the right "Sym" (not simultaneously)
    • Window with languages should pop up.

    Those people who had experience of handling E71 already, know that this function is available when you have opened a new sms or e-mail. But it does not work in ordinary waiting mode.

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    Re: Nokia E72 - Change Input Language Shortcut

    If you got an idea from people who already used Nokia E71 that is holding shift key and immediately pressing nearest right key. Than try to apply that one first if that idea fails in your case than there is another method available for you and that idea goes through application shortcut. For applying that method on your headset you just need to follow steps given in below:->


    • Menu->
    • Ctrl. panel->
    • Settings->
    • General->
    • Personalization ->
    • Standby mode->
    • Mode settings->
    • Application Shortcuts.

    Here you can get priority to Enable or Disable your application shortcuts or replacing entire application from your shortcut list. Here I like to tell you one scenario that you can use any website address as application shortcut through your Nokia E72.
    Here you can enable/disable the applications shortcuts or replacing the applications.
    It’s also possible to use web site address as application shortcut.

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    Re: Nokia E72 - Change Input Language Shortcut

    If you are still unable to change your input language with the help of key-pad only. Even after using Shift +Right key and also by trying to apply that using application shortcut then there is yet another option suggested by official site of mobile-review. Which I don’t think is ideal for you. That is you first have to define your two languages that you used mostly while writing, in the ‘writing language’ text input settings and then you can “easily” switch between languages while typing. Unfortunately that site doesn’t mention which key to use between two languages that you selected under language settings. Maybe the ‘help’ section of writing languages settings will help you regarding this issue.

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