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Thread: How to store photos in ipod and transfer them to laptop

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    How to store photos in ipod and transfer them to laptop

    I am very much impressed with the Apple ipod which is purchased by one of my friend in his birthday, he take some photo and then edit them in Photoshop application, these are look like awesome, so regarding these few features about the Apple ipod I decided to buy this device for myself. Yesterday I take a photo from this device, and later I edit this one on my Mac book pro laptop, this looks very fine, but the problem I would like to know how many of the photos I can able to store in my Apple device, and where this can be located. Is there any other way to locate the photos in my ipod. Any input regarding this will be appreciated greatly.

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    Re: How to store photos in ipod and transfer them to laptop

    If in your Apple machine the iTune application is installed then by this application program the photos can be locate in your device, also you can transfer them to any other device like the laptop. Open the iTune application windows, and from there browse the particular file or the folder form your device and copy and paste those selected file in your laptop. By this application you can also store or transfer other files like media or the comic files from your device to any other device.

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    Re: How to store photos in ipod and transfer them to laptop

    The storing capacity of the file, whatever may the file description; this depends on the device capability to store nay type of file(s). I am using a 64 GB Apple ipod, this one is very good for keeping more files in my devices. If the size of the file is less then you can store more files in a single device. I stored 6 DVD rip full length movies in my device, and along with that other files like music, images and some of the high definition games. So according to me I thing, this will not be hampers to you, if you are using a big size of ipod device to storing your files.

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    Re: How to store photos in ipod and transfer them to laptop

    To connect your device with the machine then you need to store iTunne software application in your machine, this application is supplied by Apple organization, you just simply plugged your device with the machine and open the application window, now it will automatically detect that hardware device is attached with the machine, will ask you to browse the file which you are willing to transfer into your machine, select that one and click on transfer. F you are willing to synchronize the files of Apple device, then by using this one you will be able to do this.

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    Re: How to store photos in ipod and transfer them to laptop

    I am having some of the issue regarding my Apple ipod media player, yesterday while I tried to transfer a media file via Bluetooth in my Apple laptop. But was not able to transfer that one, which flashes a message that the Bluetooth device is not found. Though before few days I paired then and they works fine with all the functions via Bluetooth. I checked almost all settings of both the media player and the laptop, they are working fine, only can’t able to transfer the media file by the using of Bluetooth. What should I do? Any suggestion on this issue?

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