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Thread: Aspire One D255 : Blue screen error saying System Tool Version 2.12 needed

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    Aspire One D255 : Blue screen error saying System Tool Version 2.12 needed

    Having a Aspire One D255 Netbook with windows 7 platform, which I basically use for home entertainment purpose, I am student. So sometimes I use this to access internet for collect notes regarding my study. The other machine specifications are 2GB RAM, 256 GB hard drive along with the NVIDIA GEForce graphical interface. The system is running fine with almost all my requirements, sometimes i used to play high definition games. There is also no problem while playing the game. But suddenly from last two days I am facing a problem while I start the windows, it appears in blue screen and flashes a message, where it requires some system tool with the latest version and then disables the window. What should I do? I can’t understand anything. Suggest me something to solve this issue.

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    Re: Aspire One D255 : Blue screen error saying System Tool Version 2.12 needed

    As per my opinion I think there should some issue with the graphics driver that you are using. Start you machine in safe mode and go to the control panel, now open the device manager and look for the display driver tab, open the tab and under that locate the display driver that you are using, right click on it and select the update option, make sure that the machine is connected with the internet connection, it will show you the information of update driver version of the graphical interface. Click on update option. Now install the driver which you download now, it might require for the system reboot after the completion of installation process. Now try to open your machine in normal mode, I hope the problem that you mentioned in your post will be solved by this process.
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    Re: Aspire One D255 : Blue screen error saying System Tool Version 2.12 needed

    Try to open your machine in safe mode and now go to the windows update either from the start menu or from the control panel. Click on install now, it will first collect the windows update information and then ask you to install them into your machine. The error message that you mentioned in your post is about some or any system tool which is missing from your machine. so while the windows version will update, the system file those are missing in your machine, will be restore and your problem will be solved. I had the similar issue in my Dell machine, and after a deep search for the solution of this [problem I found this process, and this works fine. By the windows update not only the system tool as well as some other windows files also recovered in my machine. Go through this, it will definitely help you to recover your problem.

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    Re: Aspire One D255 : Blue screen error saying System Tool Version 2.12 needed

    One of my friend was also encountered with the same problem, not go for any third party suggestion he directly contact with the support team of his machine manufacturer. By their suggestion he did a simply solution, which I am going to suggest you, these will might be help you to overcome from the problem. One of the most important thing is that, this type of problem is might be occurred for some of the flash program and any other third party visual effects, those are applied in your machine without your prior information. Disable or remove all of them from your machine. Run windows malwarebyte application, which will detect malware, if this attack into your machine. Now open your machine in normal mode, this time I hope you will be able to run your window.
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    Re: Aspire One D255 : Blue screen error saying System Tool Version 2.12 needed

    In my elder sister laptop, exactly similar was occurred in the last few months back, we thought that the problem is for the graphical interface and also maximum web sites we find this is as the solution for this type of problem. But we did another thing, this is the windows problem, by repair the windows platform we can easily solve this issue. For this start your machine in safe mode and insert the windows installation disk into the CD ROM drive, now start pressing f8 from your keyboard, this will prompt the installation window, now from there select the system or windows repair option. It will take a long time to complete the process. Reboot your machine and the problem is solved. Go through this, will surely resolve your problem.

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