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Thread: html5 Youtube videos are not played well in Safari

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    html5 Youtube videos are not played well in Safari

    Recently heard about the new HTML 5 Videos , i would like to know whether it is possible to play the videos on safari on my iPad since i am not able to play it on my iPad. Hope that this will definitely help you to get this application installed on the iPad. Can you tell me what i am missing. Do i need to install some application or please suggest a solution to get this problem fixed.

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    Re: html5 Youtube videos are not played well in Safari

    For sites entirely in Flash, or video only available in Flash, Gruber solution is to use Google Chrome. The Google browser is not using the standard plugin, but incorporates its own version of Flash. So just open a page in Google Chrome to see the Flash content. To simplify the transition from Safari to Chrome, enable developer mode in Safari ("Advanced" tab of preferences, then check "Show menu development in the menu bar) and added to the menu in Safari, you can" Open page with "and" Google Chrome ". Mac OS X can bind this command to a keyboard shortcut: in System Preferences, in the Keyboard tab, then "Keyboard Shortcuts". Add a shortcut with the "+" button, select Safari and type "Google Chrome" in the category menu title.

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    Re: html5 Youtube videos are not played well in Safari

    There are several methods to force Safari to view the videos directly through the mechanisms of the platform HTML 5 rather than Flash. The first is simply to remove Flash because flash version which is installed on your safari browser is not compatible to play the HTML 5 Videos. So you simply need to get it removed from the safari browser then go to the youtube and try to play the HTML 5 Videos the videos should start working.

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    Re: html5 Youtube videos are not played well in Safari

    I think you are not using the latest version of the safari browser on your iPad or your safari browser is not updated well so i would suggest to check for updates on your safari 8 browser and if this works for you then simply update was the issue. Other wiser you can try to view it using the Mozilla Firefox browser. The Mozilla Firefox browser supports HTML 5 videos without much modifications.

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    Re: html5 Youtube videos are not played well in Safari

    The first step is to remove the Flash plugin from your Mac. The easiest way is to use the uninstaller for Flash offered by Adobe. If you prefer, the corresponding files to the plugin can be found in the "Internet Plug-Ins" of the General Library of the Mac, accessed from "Macintosh HD" (default). Three files should be deleted, or rather moved to another location to avoid problems: "Flash Player.plugin", "flashplayer.xpt" and "NP-PPC-Dir-Shockwave".

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