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Thread: Dell Adamo 13 vs Macbook Air vs Lenovo Lepad

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    Dell Adamo 13 vs Macbook Air vs Lenovo Lepad

    which of the three gadgets or devices mentioned above is best suitable for me. I have been looking forward to purchase one of them. Am confused between these three gadgets please suggest me a the best gadget. what are the benefits of purchasing the gadgets. what will be the best choice for me to be purchased this new year eve. Suggestions welcome.

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    Re: Dell Adamo 13 vs Macbook Air vs Lenovo Lepad

    As we have seen in recent weeks, Dell seems to want to upstage the MacBook Air from Apple. In conventional small Thurs of "who will best" the U.S. company is not alone, having said that with her new ultraportable Michael Dell shows that it can be as thin and light as the MacBook Air without sacrificing some components .In a brief comparison, Apple and Adamo and, surprise, the ultra portable Dell is not as fine as one could imagine. So it would be in competition with a MacBook Air with Alu, But we must nonetheless recognize that in the world of the ultra portable Adamo is particularly successful, well ahead of the Sony Viao and other Lenovo.

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    Re: Dell Adamo 13 vs Macbook Air vs Lenovo Lepad

    Dell Adamo has an aluminum-based design, with a straight, 13.4 inches in size and manufactured in one piece. On the other hand, the MacBook Air has a much longer journey. Launched in January 2008 , is one of the most attractive mobile market, visually speaking. Emphasize its curved, and high, between 0.4 and 1.94 inches, weighing 1.36 kg. Was that many choose as the best lightweight notebook of 2008 , while Adamo then had not been made official at all.

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    Re: Dell Adamo 13 vs Macbook Air vs Lenovo Lepad

    A few weeks ago appeared to claim the contents of which concluded that Lenovo plans to release later this year to market its latest multimedia tablet called LePad based on Android. Today there are new rumors about this device, which are even more interesting. Lenovo LePad will go on sale in late December, but will be available for some time only the U.S. market. What's more, said tablet LePad to be an integral part of the Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid . This means that persons who acquire tablet holiday season in January will be able to buy a keyboard acting dock tablet and which is also based netbook Lenovo U1.

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    Re: Dell Adamo 13 vs Macbook Air vs Lenovo Lepad

    Dell, Asus, Acer or HP, so it's Lenovo's turn to step into the breach. The tablet, called LePad will be hosted by Android which continues its foray into this segment. "We want the Tablet PC is compatible with our smartphone LePhone , that's why we use Android, "said a spokesman for the World No. 4 PC. This tablet whose characteristics are unknown should be launched before the end of the year. Only the Chinese market could be affected initially, the market where Apple iPad is away

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    Re: Dell Adamo 13 vs Macbook Air vs Lenovo Lepad

    You should try the Lenovo Lepad , Unfortunately at the moment we do not know the prices of individual components of the computer, nor do we know exactly what the specification will LePad tablet. According to earlier reports, the Lenovo screen replacement U1 was to have ARM Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 512 MB RAM and SSD hard drive with a capacity of 16 GB. Some sources say that the computer has a 10.1-inch screen, and second, that the 11.6-inch with support for multi-touch. One thing is certain. Tablet will operate under the control of the operating system Google Android.

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