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Thread: favorite 99 cent app

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    favorite 99 cent app

    Hey wanted to ask you all which is your favorite 99 cent app? The reason i am asking this because i have heard many thing about the app and specially the way it is charged below 99 cent and it provides much features that will impress you. So i just wanted to ask you all which of the iPod application is your favorite. Do let me know as soon as possible as i am waiting for your response.

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    Re: favorite 99 cent app

    Well i would go with the angry birds application. This is much better application and it is been my favorite since the day it was launched. So my favorite choice would be the angry bird application. However there are many of my favorites like doodle jump, cut the rope but still this one emerges as my favorites and i will stick to it. Wanting to know how many of them like some other applications and why?

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    Re: favorite 99 cent app

    Well i don't think so cut the rope deserves to be coming among the category of the list of best applications. Agreed it is neat but there are various problem related to that application. So i would highly vote against it. Some of the problems with that application is that the loading time is very slow, it takes a lot of time to just get into the next level, upon that the levels of the mission are very limited so nothing great about it. Well, the entertainment level is limited in this application.

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    Re: favorite 99 cent app

    Well let me tell you that i have completed all the levels in the angry bird application. I have enjoyed playing all the games in that application. Now i am switching to the different application and the new one that i am looking forward to is fruit ninja. I have heard from many of the friends that it is the best application after the angry bird and provides the same entertainment level as that provided by the angry bird application. So looking forward for fruit ninja.

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