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Thread: Chat bubble themes which work with iPhone 3.0

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    Chat bubble themes which work with iPhone 3.0

    I am using a iPhone which is having 3.0 installed in it. I like the phone very much and don’t have any complaint about that. But the only thing is that I am not able to find any Chat bubble themes that can function with 3.0. Is there anyone who knows that which can do this work? I will appreciate each suggestion on this topic. Thank you.

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    Re: Chat bubble themes which work with iPhone 3.0

    As you told that you are using 3.0. So I would like to inform you that you have to place the themes in the in Folders / ChatKit.framework inside a winterboard theme. You may also need to create folder. For an example, you have to go to ThemeName / Folders / ChatKit.framework / and here you can put
    I know that this will work because, I have done the same and it works great.

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    Re: Chat bubble themes which work with iPhone 3.0

    Earlier, I was also searching for the same solution and finally I got the perfect answer for doing this. You can make use of SSH to navigate to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ChatKit.framework/. Here you have to and substitute the Balloon_1.png and Balloon_2.png files by the .png images/colors of your selection. If you use the Cyberduck then you will find that it works fine.

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    Re: Chat bubble themes which work with iPhone 3.0

    I thought that I got the solution for this. I downloaded chatkit folder in my iphone so that I will be able to do some tricks with the files. So that I can get some fresh background to work with it. But when I tried to open the image then it keeps on giving me some error message which I cannot handle. It gives me the message that format module is not able to parse the file. Do you have any idea about this and how can I get out of this? Please help me.

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    Re: Chat bubble themes which work with iPhone 3.0

    You should check the format of the file which you are trying to use. I .am also using chatkit and this is working fine for me. I have used the file with the extension .png. Iot gets opened without any problem. If you are using any format other than this then you should convert that to the .png file and then try to use that. This time it can be loaded properly.

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