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Thread: Maxell 4GB flash drive 'public' disk isn't so public

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    Maxell 4GB flash drive 'public' disk isn't so public

    Friends, I am having Maxell 4gb retractable flash drive. It is working fine on the machine which is running Windows XP operating system on it. I was able to make out the ‘secure’ 1mb drive and 3.6 GB public disk fine. When I get it back to my home and plugged it in my machine which was having Windows Vista Running in it then I was only able to observe pointless secure disk and there was no public disk of 3.6 GB. Please tell me that why I am not able to see the public disk on my Vista computer. Is this the driver issue? If anyone over here can manage to resolve this then please tell me. Thank you.

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    Re: Maxell 4GB flash drive 'public' disk isn't so public

    I think you are correct. This is the problem with the driver that is installed in your system. If the driver is corrupted then also you can get the problems like this. My suggestion to you is to uninstall all the driver for the USB and install those again. This can help you to solve the problem. Along with this you can check if there is any yellow mark for the USB drive? You can also right click on the USB drive from device manager and select the option to update. Make sure that you are connected to the internet while doing the update.

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    Re: Maxell 4GB flash drive 'public' disk isn't so public

    I was also having the similar problem earlier. When I was using the Windows 7 then I was able to see both the partition but in the machine that is having Windows Vista installed was only able to see only one. The Maxell stick which I got is 2nd hand. In that the smaller partition was clean as it is added to the larger partition. I think that there must be some software that can allow access to the bigger partition. But it is missing.

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    Re: Maxell 4GB flash drive 'public' disk isn't so public

    Normally the minor partition holds the software that helps to access the bigger partition. This is only in the Windows. It is having a very weak real protection even if it says to do AES encryption but it reality these products do not provide the actual protection. If you look at the partition editor then you will be able to see the second partition.

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    Re: Maxell 4GB flash drive 'public' disk isn't so public

    You can try the steps below to resolve this problem. This is the solution for the machine running Windows XP.
    1. Go to Start >> Run and there type regedit and hit enter. This will open a new window for the registry editor.
    2. Now navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies
      Note: If you find that the registry key StorageDevicePolicies is not exist then you need to create that manually.
    3. Now double click on key WriteProtect which is there in the right of the Window and put its value as 0 in the Value Data Box. After that press OK.
    4. Now reboot the system and see whether you have the same problem with it or not.

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    Re: Maxell 4GB flash drive 'public' disk isn't so public

    Here is one more solution that you can try to resolve the issue. But before moving to the steps, you have to download a program from here which you will need during the process.
    1. First of all, connect USB to the computer.
    2. Now unzip and run the program.
    3. After completion you have to unplug the USB.
    4. Again insert the USB to the USB port.

    Once you are done with this then you will be able to access both drives.

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