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Thread: Need a Decent kids camera under $50

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    Need a Decent kids camera under $50

    I am thinking of gifting a good kids camera for my nephew. So i was searching the internet for a good kids camera and i did not turn upto something great. So that's why i am asking you people to give me some suggestions in order to get a good kids camera at a good price. My budget would be anywhere around $50. So any one having any knowledge then please do let me know as soon as possible.

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    Re: Need a Decent kids camera under $50

    If you are looking for a good flash camera at a good range then let me tell you that there is Argus QuickClix 3185 with a 3.2mega pixel, 1.1" LCD monitor screen and with flash, then there is Argus QuickClix-2185. If your nephew is adventurous then you can go with the Innovage Outdoor Sports Mini Digital Camera with 16MB internal memory. It is available for $40. Which will suite your budget. So try any of the option that i have specified above.

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    Re: Need a Decent kids camera under $50

    Well in such range you cant expect much from the camera. So that's why this type of camera's comes with the basic feature of just clicking a photograph with a flash. However i would like to give you some options regarding the kids camera. One such is the Polariod iZone which is 3.2 Mega pixel available at around $48. Then there is Polaroid A500 with a good quality clarity available just around $51. So if you find it impressive than i would definitely advice you to go with this one.

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    Re: Need a Decent kids camera under $50

    I am amazed that you did not get anything from the search in the internet. However there are various websites like e-bay or the various auction websites which displays you the list of all the kids camera if you specify. Along with the price and also you can buy it online too. So do search that particular websites, so that you can get a fair idea of the product that you are going to purchase.

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    Re: Need a Decent kids camera under $50

    Well if you are looking for a small compatible camera for your kid then there is Aiptek PCM13 PenCam. Whose size is as same as that of a small pen. Your kid will definitely like it as it is easy to use. It has a 1.3Megapixel camera and also has a 16MB internal memory. Well if your child enjoys adventures then there is Intova 1.3MP Snap Sights which has a water proof body to enjoy shooting under water. With camera of 1.3megapixel and no flashes it comes under the price of $38. So you can go with this option also.

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