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Thread: Sony Vaio: Numerous processes are running, how to stop this

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    Sony Vaio: Numerous processes are running, how to stop this

    Hi all, recently upgrade my machine from windows vista to windows 7 platform. Having a Sony Vaio Z laptop, which is configured as 3GB RAM 500 GB hard drive. But after the upgrade there is a problem encountered in my machine, this is responding very slowly. When I checked in the task manager I found that there are so9 may processes running under the process tab. It shows that the memory is accessing more than 100 programs, which are taking 45-50% of my RAM. By this problem the memory usage is not giving me such efficient performance. How to solve this issue, any suggestion on this will be appreciated greatly?

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    Re: Sony Vaio: Numerous processes are running, how to stop this

    go to start menu type and insert "msconfig" into the search command panel and press ENTER. This will open the startup option. From that window click on option which is named as "selective startup", then click on "startup" and from the drop down list remove permanently or disable the programs those are running in your machine. During that make sure the program or the application then you are going to disable are should not be support with explorer program. Most of the program are start automatically while the machine n starts and some of the default programs and predefined by the winnows version that you are using.

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    Re: Sony Vaio: Numerous processes are running, how to stop this

    There is a application program which is known as CCleaner, download and install that one in your machine. Few months ago was having the similar issue, and found that some of the processes those care not installed into my machine, are running in the background. After a deep search on this issue, I found the information about this application program. After installation open the application window and look for the start up option, which situate in the left side of the application window. Click on that option, this will shows you the program those are running in the background of your machine. Select the desire one, willing to stop the execution at the startup and select stop or disable option.

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    Re: Sony Vaio: Numerous processes are running, how to stop this

    In one of web site I found a simple process to stop they execution of unused process ion any machine. But before going to describe the process I would like to suggest some of the information regarding this. Some of the third party software are featured with toolbar application, which are having more instances, those will run in the background of your machine. so for this, I suggest you to proceed into the control panel and from there locate those toolbar applications those are installed without any prior information to you, remove all of them and try to stop if there are more than one instance of any particular program is running in your machine. if this does not helps you then enter into the machine with administrator password and proceed to services under administrative services from control panel. From that window select those services which you are willing to stop execution in your machine. go through this process, this will definitely helps you to overcome from the problem.

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