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Thread: Good Camcorder for less than 400$

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    Good Camcorder for less than 400$

    I would like to purchase a new camcorder. What would you recommend me since my technical knowledge is quiet low. Most important, to me are of course, the image ( and not only the resolution is meant), then the ease of use, and then things like manual white balance and DV-IN, if possible. Hope some one will definitely help me to get the best camcorder. Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

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    Re: Good Camcorder for less than 400$

    The Canon HD HV30, which succeeds the award-winning HV20, enjoy all the benefits of the Canon HD (HD Canon lens, Canon Full HD CMOS sensor and DIGIC DV II) to HDV1080i images exceptional. Zoom quality advanced 41x CanonL The excellent quality of a genuine Canon video lens combined with the processing power of DIGIC DV II endow the DC310 with a capacity greater zoom: a zoom with a magnification up to advanced 41x. A push of a button Quick Start allows almost instantly put the camcorder in standby mode when you're ready to start filming within a few seconds. The Handle on the frame of the LCD provides easy and intuitive access to shooting controls and records more lengthy video A DVD-R dual layer allows you to record up to 108 minutes of video.

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    Re: Good Camcorder for less than 400$

    I think that the Canon ZR600 Digital Camcorder is one of the best option for you within your budget, the storage space you will not ever default on long trips. The optional high capacity battery extends more recording time. Registration in real format 16/9èLes Canon camcorders record in true 16:9 high-resolution videos are perfect for playback on a widescreen TV. Frame and preview your videos in their actual dimensions on the 2.7-inch 16:9 LCD screen. To save battery power, shoot, rather using the electronic viewfinder (EVF) 0.35 "16:9 DV originally for our range of high-definition camcorder, the DIGIC DV II team now our camcorder models DVD. This sophisticated image processor features an advanced technology for noise reduction, ensuring images cleaner and sharper. With a dual signal processing, DIGIC DV II is also able to handle video and still images separately, optimizing the colors for display and for printing.

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    Re: Good Camcorder for less than 400$

    The Panasonic-SDR-H85 is a great choice for you Since it has the following features.
    • Writing to flash memory ensures easy transfer of recorded videos to your computer.
    • Lithium-ion batteries provide a very long time operation without recharging. Stereo Microphone provides superior quality sound recording.
    • Image resolution 0.8 megapixel row allows you to record movies in low quality.
    • Hard Disk Recording provides the ability to record very long movies.
    • 70 X optical zoom lets you shoot objects away from the cameraman at a distance of several hundred meters.

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