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Thread: Windows 7: JVC Everio Camcorder driver not working

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    Windows 7: JVC Everio Camcorder driver not working

    I have a JVC Everio GZ-MG365BU with the CU-VC4U dock. Along with that I am using a windows 7 compatible machine which is not compatible with this camcorder. I tried to run this in windows XP and fire wire. This works fine over there. Not able to run this only in windows 7 machine. Whenever I tried to make the connection by fire ware in my machine, it does show the camcorder but there is no software for this corder. It is ok with the capturing videos and pictures. But not able to connect only the camera. I am not able to connect the camera with my machine via USB cable. I tried everything but not give me any result. What to do now? Is there any suggestion regarding this problem with my camera?

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    Re: Windows 7: JVC Everio Camcorder driver not working

    I think the software of the camera is might be corrupted, so for that you need to re-install that one. Locate the software from the control panel and remove first then insert the installation disk which is provided to you with the camera. Run the application file and install the firmware simply by following some of the instruction to do this process. I had the similar issue, and I was thought that the problem was occurred for USB cable. I changed that one but still the problem was present over there. Then after research by myself about this, I found this problem and fix this by the re-install process.

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    Re: Windows 7: JVC Everio Camcorder driver not working

    Though you said that after attach the USB cable this problem then I think this should be problem with the hardware driver so as per this problem, you can solve this issue by reload the driver of the camera that you installed in your machine. so at the beginning make sure that the USB connector or the cable is ok , there is no problem with that. Then proceed for any other process to solve this issue. If you are going through to the reloading process first of all you need to remove the existing one from your machine, along with that you need to remove all the instance file those care stored into the temporary and the registry editor of the driver version. Now insert the driver installation disk and run the driver installation process. Maximum time the connectivity problem I occurred for the driver which is for that device. My brother was having the similar issue with his video camera and he solved his issue by this process. There was also encounter the driver problem. So try with this solution I hope this ill definitely help you to overcome from your problem.

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    Re: Windows 7: JVC Everio Camcorder driver not working

    Relevant issue with my Sony handycam, after purchase this I use this a lot for capture videos and snapshots. But while tried to transfer those videos and pictures in my machine, it directs me that the device is not compatible with the machine environment. This is the second message and first one was the USB device is not recognized and I simply replug the camera in to my machine and got the second message. In the driver installation disk it is written that the driver is compatible with any windows version. I re-install the driver along with then software application but facing the similar issue still now. What should I do now? Is there any other way to transfer file from camera to computer without having the driver or software.

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