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Thread: dell inspiron 1525 battery causing adapter to go bad

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    dell inspiron 1525 battery causing adapter to go bad

    I am currently working with dell inspiron 1525. Now i had various issue's with the battery of the particular product. So i just got it replaced. Now the problem is that after the replacement i had to change my adapter twice. Now what can be the problem behind it. Is it due to the battery or the adapter in fault. I cant guess any of the culprit because i have replaced them recently. Is there any method from which i can guess the amount of voltage utilized by the laptop from the adapter while charging. If i get to know that then i can have a rough idea about the situation. So please suggest me some methods or give me some suggestions that will help me solve my issue's. So please help me with that.

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    Re: dell inspiron 1525 battery causing adapter to go bad

    I really don't think so a bad battery can cause the problem to the adapter. Check whether the adapter is working fine and also check with the wire thickness. Probably the adapter which is not original is causing this problem. You have recently replaced a battery. So there cannot be any issue's with the battery. I think there is some problem with the adapter. Also you have not specified that what type of damage does your adapter suffer. Is this due to overheating then you can avail more information in this particular thread.

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    Re: dell inspiron 1525 battery causing adapter to go bad

    If you ask me i would suggest you to check with the adapter. The adapter should not get much hot while charging the laptop. During the charging of the laptop there is a specific temperature defined by the particular manufacturer which should not exceed that limit. If the adapter exceeds that limit then probably you have to replace the adapter. The adapter makes noises during the charging of the laptop. If it is too noisy during the charging then probably its the indication that its time to replace the adapter. I would advice you to probably have a check with the technicians. Probably they will offer you a better solution. So just go ahead with this suggestion it will definitely help you.

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    Re: dell inspiron 1525 battery causing adapter to go bad

    I think that the battery can also be a reason for the particular problem mentioned above. Now if you are talking about the battery being brought new and it will not give complications. Then it is totally untrue. There are lots of battery which can give you several complications. In order that your battery works fine you have to properly condition your battery before working with it. For that there are several instructions given by the manufacturer's you must follow. You must always keep the battery in the AC adapter before putting it to the use in the laptop. While some manufacturer's suggest that we must operate the laptop until the OS warns of the low battery problem. So just read the manufacturer's instruction carefully while operating with the battery. So that the battery will not give such complications that you are facing now.

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